ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The WateReuse board of directors recently approved the funding of 13 research projects valued at around $6 million, according to a press release.

The projects encompass a wide range of issues designed to improve the acceptance, treatment and distribution of recycled water, stated the release.

Nine of the projects are funded under the WateReuse Research Foundation’s Principal Program, continued the release, meaning research contractors will be selected through a competitive process.

The four remaining projects are funded under the Tailored Collaboration (TC) program, reported the release, which will permit WateReuse Research Foundation members to propose and receive funding for research.

WateReuse is investing $460,000 in the TC projects and $1.5 million in the Principal projects, informed the release, and the funding’s balance is from in-kind support, with eight of the projects funded through the Direct Potable Reuse Initiative — an ongoing effort to advance direct potable reuse as a water supply option.

A technical peer review committee will be established for each new project, noted the release, and requests for proposals will be released later in the year for the Principal projects.

Read the entire release here.