ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The WateReuse Research Foundation announced the release of a how-to guide titled, “Model Communication Plans for Increasing Awareness and Fostering Acceptance of Direct Potable Reuse (WRRF-13-02),” for building support of potable reuse on the community and statewide levels, according to a press release.

The guide provides a “roadmap for advancing public acceptance of potable reuse projects” by developing awareness and support of planned and existing potable reuse programs as well as by “fostering an understanding of the great need to continue to expand water supply sources,” stated the release.

The release reported that the instructional guide supplies those involved with planning potable reuse projects with a catalog of methods and messages for advancing potable water reuse, and a combination of face-to-face meetings, public opinion research and literature review indicated public acceptance of potable reuse can be achieved by applying a consistent, transparent and coordinated plan.

This project is the first of a two-phase approach toward “fostering acceptance of potable reuse,” continued the release.

In cooperation with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, noted the release, the project was funded by the WateReuse Research foundation.

“We know that potable reuse projects use safe and proven technology, but how a project sponsor engages the community is critical to the success of a project,” said WateReuse Executive Director Melissa Meeker. “These model communication plans are extremely important.”

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You can find more information on the how-to guide here.