TAMPA, Fla. — WaterGroup, a global provider of water treatment solutions, has announced a new warehouse location in Tampa, Fla., according to a press release.

The location is at 5405 Boran Place in Tampa, Fla., located off Interstate 4. 

The new location already has stock available and ready to ship to regional customers. This location will also act as a main shipping point for many of WaterGroup’s Florida customers, which will save regional customers freight and time, stated the release.

Additionally, WaterGroup’s customer service team will arrange local pickups at the customer’s request and automatically route customer orders to the best warehouse location.

John McCarthy, WaterGroup’s director of sales in the U.S., said, “Florida is one of the largest water treatment markets in the U.S. and having stock there is key for outstanding customer service. This new location will allow for convenient pick-up for regional Hydrotech dealers and give next-day delivery for much of Florida.”