LONDON — Waterwise launched the U.K.’s first Water Saving Week on World Water Day 2015, which took place March 22, according to a press release.

Throughout Water Savings Week, which started March 22 and lasts until March 28, a series of activities, ideas and tips will be shared online to raise awareness about the importance of saving water, stated the release.

Each day of Water Saving Week focuses on a particular area of water use or benefit of water efficiency with challenges available online, continued the release.

The release reported that the water-related topics throughout the week include: “Water and Sustainable Development” (Sunday), “Water and the Environment” (Monday), “Indoor Water Use” (Tuesday), “Outdoor Water Use” (Wednesday), “Water and Money” (Thursday), “Water at Work” (Friday) and “Water in Your Community” (Saturday).

“Waterwise thinks that people should save water every day,” said Waterwise Director Jacob Tompkins. “Water Saving Week provides people the opportunity to collectively take small actions that can help [toward] solving the global water crisis. It is amazing that, already, so many organizations and individuals have pledged their support and have determined to take part.”

Waterwise is urging everyone to get involved, noted the release.

Read the entire release here.