WESTERVILLE, Ohio — Oct. 15, 2015 — The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) will give a Life Member Award to water well driller Ken Wood of Denton, Maryland, according to a press release.

Wood was honored “for his special service in the furtherance of the groundwater industry and NGWA,” noted the release. He will receive the award at the 2015 Groundwater Expo in Las Vegas Dec. 15-17.

Wood founded and operates Lifetime Wells for Ghana, stated the release. The organization has drilled more than 1,000 wells over the past eight years for people in Ghana and Tanzania whose drinking water sources were contaminated.

“Ken Wood is responsible for about one million people in Ghana and Tanzania receiving clean water. The majority of the money to fund this work has come from him personally,” said David Powell, CWD/PI, in the release. “Ken would not seek out this kind of recognition for himself but would accept it if it had the potential to bring light to this much needed relief work.”

Each year, Wood spends months in Africa drilling wells, reported the release. His most recent trip was to Tanzania, where his team drilled at least four wells.

You can find the entire release here.