PORT FOURCHON, La. — While trying to permanently plug a gas well 74 miles southeast of Port Fourchon, La. a leak occurred sending natural gas into the Gulf of Mexico, according to CNN News.

The Coast Guard said the leak has left a four mile wide rainbow sheen across the water’s surface.

Talos Energy said it was planning on abandoning the well, which is why they were permanently plugging it, and they expected the leak to be fixed within a day, stated the article.

All five staff members were evacuated from the platform and the other working wells there were shut down.

Six barrels of oil were also spilled along with the natural gas, but the company said it expects the oil to evaporate quickly.

The well is located 130 feet deep on the sea floor and there are some concerns the leak will harm marine life in the area, noted the article.

"Toxic gases will damage the bodies of fish that come into contact by damaging their gills and causing internal damage," said Jonathan Henderson of the Gulf Restoration Network, an environmental advocacy group in New Orleans. "Marine species in the Gulf are more vulnerable when water temperatures are high and when oxygen concentrations are low like they are now."

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