ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The Water Environmental Research Foundation (WERF) and the Water Environment Foundation (WEF) announced they are launching three new projects under the joint WERF/WEF initiative, the Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT) program, according to a press release.

The LIFT program was designed to help “move innovation into practice in the water quality sector,” stated the release.

The first project, “Genifuel Hydrothermal Processing Bench Scale Technology Evaluation (LIFT6T14),” is collaboratively funded by WERF, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and around 10 utilities participating in the LIFT program, with the U.S. Department of Energy also providing support, and the project will assess an innovative biosolids to energy technology, continued the release.

The next project, “Creating the Space to Innovate (LIFT8C14),” is co-funded by WERF and WEF and will address impediments and promote incentives to the adoption of innovative technologies and practices, reported the release.

The Canton Group has also been awarded a contract by WERF to develop a “LIFT Database (LIFT2R14),” noted the release, which will support new technology innovation, collaboration and implementation for the water sector.

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