ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) announced the launch of new studies seeking to advance energy research, according to a press release.

The first project, “WaterWatts: A Modern Look at Wastewater Power-Metering Data (ENER15C15),” was awarded to Brown and Cladwell, and the study’s main objective is to evaluate disaggregated power-metering data from more than 40 water resource recovery facilities, stated the release.

The second project, “Energy Recovery from Thermal Oxidation of Water Solids – State of the Science Review (ENER13T14),” will be conducted by Black and Veach and “will examine the energy potential from the thermal oxidation of biosolids and other residuals by documenting the effectiveness of energy or heat recovery from up-to-date thermal oxidation units with combined heat and power,” reported the release.

The final project, “Controlled Laboratory Investigation of Siloxane Adsorption Media and Variables Impacting Performance (LIFT7T14),” will assess the performance of four types of solid sorbents commonly used to remove siloxanes from digester gas,” noted the release.

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