ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) has awarded Hazen & Sawyer with a contract to build upon its current nutrient recovery research, according to a press release.

The project team will develop a consolidated review of technologies available for the recovery of high value carbon and other non-nutrient commodity products from wastewater, the release reported.

This research entitled, "Beyond Nutrients: Recovering Carbon and Other Commodity Products from Wastewater," will improve the understanding of technical and economic limitations associated with resource recovery alternatives, noted the release.

Recovery of high value carbon products and other non-nutrient commodity products, continued the release, are contingent on the following: Availability of technologies that are mature, reliable and cost competitive with existing wastewater treatment options; whether or not implementation of these technologies are synergistic with wastewater treatment goals related to human and environmental health; and demand for the recovered products and whether an established market is available.

According to the release, this study will help define the next steps necessary for making resource recovery a viable treatment alternative.

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