STOCKHOLM — Aug. 24, 2015 — World Water Week 2015 offers 160 events and eight workshops focused on several issues facing the water industry Aug. 23-28, according to

Water for development is the 2015 theme, noted the article. Topics including financing, integrity, gender issues, climate change, energy, sanitation, conflict resolution and water management will be discussed.

The event will also cover water challenges that exist around the world, such as sanitation issues and the one billion people that still lack access to safe water, stated the article. These people largely live without electricity or enough food.

The world community must formulate new Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, reported the article, and water must be their central focus. 2015 is the goal to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

World Water Week focused on water and food security in 2012, water cooperation in 2013, and water and energy in 2014, shared the article. Water is the focus of these issues since everything surrounding these issues depends on it.

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