Craft brewer installs wastewater treatment system from World Water Works

brewery wastewater treatmentAlchemist Brewery — microbrewer of IPA beer, Heady Topper — worked with Weston & Sampson Engineers Inc. and partnered with World Water Works Inc. to select a wastewater treatment system that would meet the needs of its new facility in Stowe, Vermont. Alchemist Brewery aimed to reduce its ecological impact and improve efficiency through improved wastewater treatment. The brewery needed a system that would help the facility meet domestic effluent levels for BOD and TSS and permitted effluent limits for TP.

Alchemist Brewery chose World Water Works’ Ideal MBBR-DAF system, which was produced in World Water Works’ manufacturing facility in Oklahoma City. The system combines moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) technology and dissolved air flotation (DAF) technology for advanced wastewater treatment. It offers high removal of soluble organics and suspended solids in a small footprint. The system has enhanced the brewery’s ability to handle wastewater and reduced the amount of BOD, TSS and TP discharged to the Stowe wastewater treatment facility.

Gradiant Corporation expands sales and service for industrial wastewater treatment technology in China

Gradiant Corporation announced plans to further expand its presence in China. Gradiant China will provide industrial water solutions and ZLD technology to treat waste streams from coal-fired power plants, textile processors, chemical production, oil and gas operations and other industrial facilities. The Gradiant China team will provide local leadership and sales and service personnel, while product and technology development will remain within the parent company, Gradiant Corporation. Jason Tao Yu has been appointed managing director of Gradiant China. Yu brings more than 15 years of experience in water treatment and specialty chemicals industries to his proficiencies in sales and general management.

As Gradiant China opens its doors in Shanghai, the company’s first Carrier Gas Extraction (CGE) system at a coal-fired power plant commences operation. The power plant, located two hours northwest of Shanghai, was facing challenges to meet stringent wastewater disposal requirements. Gradiant’s CGE technology was selected to minimize waste and simplify operations. The system treats highly contaminated flue gas desulphurization (FGD) wastewater, producing a fresh water stream for reuse in the plant at a water recovery of more than 90 percent.

Engineering students from Mexico and Texas collaborate on water-use sustainability efforts

About 12 engineering students from Mexico’s CETYS University collaborated with students from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) to develop multidisciplinary projects that will contribute to sustainability efforts in Baja California, Mexico, an area facing severe drought and water shortage. The students toured the engineering labs and developed prototypes. Creating optimization of water use and energy efficiency systems was their top priority. Projects revolved around automation, energy efficiency systems, life cycle analysis of products, processes or systems, calculation of water footprint, calculation of carbon footprint, water use, and generating ideas and designs of products that can contribute to sustainability.