LISLE, Ill. — The Water Quality Association (WQA) announced that it is seeking a new partner laboratory to test plastic pipe, fittings and assemblies, according to a press release.

Jana Laboratories Inc. (Jana), WQA’s former partner, will no longer offer product testing services after its laboratory assets were purchased by another organization, therefore voiding the joint partnership agreement formed in October 2013, stated the release.

The formal agreement provided WQA’s Gold Seal Product Certification division the ability to test water distribution products for conformance to NSF/ANSI Standard 14: Plastic Piping System Components and Related Materials, noted the release.

“WQA understands the industry’s need in this area and remains intent upon offering product certification to plastic pipe industry standards,” said WQA Global Business Development Manager, Tina Donda. “We have begun an aggressive search for alternative laboratories and technical experts that can fulfill our clients’ testing needs.”