DENVER — The Water Research Foundation (WRF) announced plans to help water utilities better understand and control leakage in a cost-effective manner through recently completed research and the development of a new leakage analysis tool, according to a press release.

The Water Audits and Real Loss Component Analysis project (#4372) supplies water utilities with information to more effectively understand the sources of their losses from leakage throughout the water distribution system, as well as a tool to help analyze economic impacts of several intervention strategies, stated the release.

The release reported that in order to develop a proactive, effective leakage loss reduction strategy, utilities must undertake three significant steps: An evaluation of least-cost real losses as a subcategory on nonrevenue water, a “top-down” water audit and a component analysis of real losses.

“This important research will help utilities better handle leakage issues they are facing, resulting in economic savings and more efficient utilization of valuable and finite water resources,” said WRF Executive Director Rob Renner. “The Water Research Foundation will continue to work to help our utility partners to provide safe water in the most economically efficient ways possible.”

The WRF and EPA sponsored the research project, which involved 10 utilities of varying sizes from across North America, noted the release.

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