CHARLESTON, W.V. — The West Virginia Testing Assessment Project (WV TAP) project team has released two new documents online detailing contaminant toxicity and odor threshold for the West Virginia chemical spill, according to a press release.

These documents include a health effects literature review as well as a drinking water odor threshold testing report based on expert odor analysis panels, continued the release.

Both documents can be downloaded under the “Test Results” tab at, noted the release.

The title of the literature review, reported the release, is Health Effects for Chemicals in 2014 West Virginia Chemical Release: Crude MCHM Compounds, PPH and DiPPH, which presents a summary of toxicity information on the chemicals that were spilled into the Elk River in West Virginia in January 2014 from the Freedom Industries facility.

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According to the release, the title of the odor threshold testing result document is Technical Memorandum: Expert Panel Estimates of the Odor Threshold Concentration, Odor Recognition Concentration and Odor Objection Concentration for Crude methylcyclohexanemethanol in Water, which presents a summary of drinking water related odor findings to date, as several support activities remain in progress.

Read the full release here.