DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. — The Wishing Well International Foundation’s (WWIF) “10-1-10” message will be at the heart of all of the nonprofit’s future marketing and fundraising campaigns, according to a press release.

The 10-1-10 message emphasizes that for every $10 donation, one person will be provided with clean drinking water for 10 years, stated the release.

“The simple 10-1-10 message is who we are,” said WWIF Vice President of Corporate Sponsors and Fundraising Mark Bertler. “It’s what we’re all about … providing clean water for those in developing nations and partnering with our donors to make it happen.”

He continues, “The filtration systems are simple. There are teams in place to deploy them, and our generous donors have repeatedly demonstrated an eagerness to spread the word. So, we wanted to create a new marketing identity that boils down to this: The 10-dollar bill in your pocket will save someone’s life by providing them with water … not just for a day or even a year, but for 10 years. How many lives do you want to impact today?”

WWIF is also restructuring and renaming its corporate sponsorship levels, continued the release, which includes: Legend ($50,000+), Luminary ($25,000+), Pioneer ($10,000+), Guardian ($5,000+), Patron ($1,000+), Donor ($500+) and Friend ($100+).

WWIF will also feature the 10-1-10 African Expedition event in 2016, noted the release, in which a convoy of vehicles with WWIF representatives, media, sponsors and medics will provide dozens of filtration systems throughout South Africa and Swaziland.

You can learn more by visiting WWIF’s website at