Dual Diaphragm Metering Pump

Nov. 17, 2020
Designed to precisely inject chemicals into systems

The CD3 multi-diaphragm metering pump from Blue-White is designed as a solution for pumping gas-forming chemicals, such as peracetic acid and sodium hypochlorite. The CD3 Dual Diaphragm Hyperlink Drive Technology pumps chemicals continuously, is self-priming, and will not vapor lock. The patented ultra-durable diaphragm design will last the life of the pump, making the CD3 highly reliable and zero maintenance. The energy efficient brushless DC variable speed motor helps achieve a large turndown ratio for extreme accuracy. With a flow range of 0.05 to 53 GPH (0.2 to 200 LPH), leak detection, simple installation and setup, and included fittings for multiple configuration, the Chem-Pro® CD3 is just what is needed to precisely inject chemicals into a system. VGA Graphic multi-color backlit LCD displays remote/local control status, motor speed, output rate, input signal values, service and alarm status in three easy to see colors Control Inputs include: 4-20 mA, 0-10 Vdc, and pulse inputs for remote external speed or batch control and 0-30 VDC / contact closure remote start/stop. Units are CE, ETL, and NEMA 4X. Blue-White is ISO 9001:2015.