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March 1, 2018
New products for the industrial water and wastewater industry.

Safety railing with toe boards

Safety railing systems with toe boards are often used at water and wastewater treatment plants if an object falling from the edge poses a safety risk. Kee Lite aluminum railing systems built with Type L89 base fittings feature a flange to accommodate toe board systems to reduce the hazard and enhance safety. They are OSHA-compliant, corrosion resistant, and feature smooth contours and recessed set screws for an aesthetic appearance. In addition, Kee Lite safety railing systems are easy to install, requiring only a hex tool and pipe cutters, and can save up to 50% installed cost compared to welded railings.

Kee Safety Inc.

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Warning signals

E2S Warning Signals feature LED beacons technology. In addition to multiple operating modes the LED units offer extended operating life of more than 60,000 hours, lower current requirements and higher output levels. The LED beacons have five flash rates for warning beacon applications: 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 Hz and double and triple flashes. They also offer high and low steady outputs for status indicator use. DC voltage versions feature three remotely selectable stages, enabling multiple warnings to be signaled from one device.

Parkfield Communications Limited

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Liquid level measurement

VEGAPULS 64 accurately detects the liquid level, even in applications with high condensation. The antenna system is encapsulated in PTFE or PEEK, so there are no cavities or crevices in which product can accumulate. The surface of the material is very finely processed with diamond tools, which also considerably reduces product adhesion. In addition, special software algorithms filter out interference caused by buildup on the antenna system. Thanks to the high dynamic range of the sensor, signal attenuation caused by product deposits is largely compensated. This allows the level to be reliably detected even with contamination on the sensor.


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Cutter pump

Commonly used in the primary treatment of raw sewage solids, the Series A Muncher™ from NOV has been macerating solids in pump and lift stations across the country. Cutter materials and thickness options are available for effective and efficient grinding of solids. The lower cutter tip speeds dramatically reduce wear rates, ensure low noise and vibration, and provide abrasion resistance. The Series A Muncher’s rotational speed produces high torque, resulting in lower operating power at 3 hp or 5 hp, and is available with energy-efficient motors.


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Tube failure detection technology

Blue-White’s new TFD+ (Tube Failure Detection) is now built into every FLEXFLO® Polymer Pump at no additional cost. This breakthrough technology is designed to detect the presence of oil- and water-based polymers in the pump head, which would indicate tube failure. When the TFD+ senses tube failure the pump automatically shuts off and will energize a relay, permitting communications with external equipment, such as a backup pump, an alarm or a SCADA system. There is no false triggering caused by condensation or washdown procedures. The pump will not resume operation until the problem is resolved.

Blue-White® Industries

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Asset management for drilling operations

Wellsite Fishing and Rental Services, a leading provider of drilling and completion rental equipment, is now utilizing the IQ Scan technology suite for streamlining asset management. IQ Scan Technology is an innovative solution for durable asset tracking that combines a 2D laser-engraved coding system with a secure cloud-based software suite to deliver comprehensive asset management.

Wellsite Fishing and Rental Services LLC

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Manual cartridge valve

Doering Company has redesigned its manual cartridge valve to include extremely low- and zero-leak options. Ideal for use in equipment such as an emergency stop valve on hydraulic systems for oilfield iron roughnecks and industrial instrumentation systems that test product to one-eighth of a drop of water. Doering valves are also used in food industry test systems that measure carbon dioxide and nitrogen in the parts per billion. To provide performance in these and other systems, Doering’s manual cartridge valves are equipped with a latching feature that holds the valve in its activated position.


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Thermal mass flow meter

Fox Thermal Instruments has expanded its product line with the addition of the FT4X Thermal Mass Flow Meter. The notable new feature of the Model FT4X is the Data Logger, which records flow rate, totals, and other events and alarms. Advanced features of the Data Logger include: 40 daily totals; settable contract time defines the contract day; time/date stamped alarm and event logs; and others. Ideal for applications monitoring pure gases, mixed gases, and even complex flare gas compositions. A USB connection port comes standard.

Fox Thermal Instruments

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Pipeline management

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has released Enterprise Pipeline Management Solution (EPMS) R1.03, the latest version of an enterprise level pipeline applications suite. Developed for deployment at the heart of the pipeline operations management environment, the EPMS supplements a core SCADA platform with specific gas and liquid applications that enable a pipeline operator to manage delivery contracts and associated logistics in a safe, cost-effective, and efficient manner. Functions handled by the EPMS suite include: gas/liquid nomination and metering; energy value calculation; batch and tank management (multi-product liquids); pipeline integrity monitoring; compressor/pump energy monitoring.

Yokogawa Corporation

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Composite tape

SABIC presents new UDMAX™ GPE 46-70 tape, the newest addition to its expanding portfolio of UDMAX™ unidirectional fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite tape products. The new glass-filled high-density polyethylene grade is designed for reinforcing industrial applications, such as pipes and pressure vessels, offering high tensile strength. The product has one of the highest glass contents available combined with optimal thermoplastic resin impregnation, thanks to SABIC’s proprietary high-pressure fiber impregnation technology (HPFIT™). By using UDMAX™ tape to reinforce oil, gas and water pipes, boilers and storage tanks, customers can significantly increase mechanical performance while reducing weight and helping to improve corrosion resistance.


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Laboratory pumps

Tacmina Corporation recently announced the addition of two new Smoothflow Q Series Pumps for laboratory use. Pumps are small and light enough to be held in the palm of a hand, but powerful enough to provide discharge pressure up to 2.0 MPa and precise enough to configure flow rates at units of 0.01 mL/min. Smoothflow Q Series pumps provide a constant and stable flow, they are gentle on liquids, economical to operate, and laboratory-sized. The pump design allows for constant flow without pulsation, liquid leakage or changes in properties.


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Liquid laser with infrared technology

Hawk Measurement Systems has released the OptioLaser S300 that can be used for the detection of all types of liquids, regardless of their dielectric properties. This laser can accurately and reliably measure highly reflective liquids, clear liquids and even turbulent liquids. Due to its narrow beam divergence, it can be used to measure through grates and narrow passages, and even next to flat walls. It uses an infrared, low-gain GaAs laser diode, light energy of 905 nm that travels to the surface of any liquid and is reflected back. This time-off-light (the time the laser pulse took to travel to the liquid and back) is then calculated into a distance.

Hawk Measure

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Automated analyzer

Spectro Scientific, suppliers of oil, fuel and processed water analysis instrumentation and software for fleet applications, has announced the release of MicroLab® Version 11 Software and the introduction of new MicroLab Companion Kits. The MicroLab automated analyzer series provides complete oil analysis testing including chemistry, kinematic viscosity and concentration of up to 20 wear, additive and contamination elements, in addition to an optional particle counter. Companion Kits combine Spectro’s FDM 6001 fuel dilution meter, FerroCheck 2000 ferrous wear analyzer and CoolCheck 2 coolant analyzer with the MicroLab 30 and 40 analyzers to offer users complete fluid analysis testing packages to meet their maintenance needs.

Spectro Scientific

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Quarter-turn valves

Val-Matic’s array of Quarter-Turn Valves are highly engineered products available in a wide range of sizes and pressure classes. Designed to provide both on-off and process control functions in municipal and industrial systems. The valve seating systems are built with corrosion and wear resistant materials and tested to provide positive seating. Valve flow path geometries are optimized to provide exceptional flow control characteristics, ultra-low headloss, and energy conservation. Equipped with manual or power actuators to precisely position the plug, disc, or ball under the rated flow and pressure conditions. Automatic controls are also available.


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Wireless sensor

FreeWave Technologies’ WAVECONTACT WC30i-AXIS Wireless Angle Sensor measures thief hatch states (closed, cracked, open) and movement of pump jacks. This Class I, Div 1 wireless angle sensor enables real-time and exception reporting to monitor and alert the position of thief hatches and pump jacks in the field. The WC30i-AXIS sensor connects to a thief hatch or any asset where motion detection is crucial to maintain Class I, Div 1 safety and environmental regulation compliance, particularly in oil and gas. By alerting operations personnel of thief hatch movement, the possibility of fugitive emissions is mitigated.

FreeWave Technologies

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New sizes for FSIP progressive cavity pumps

NETZSCH Pumps North America has added to its line of full service-in-place (FSIP) NEMO® progressive cavity pumps. Ideal for wear-intensive applications, the maintenance-friendly FSIP™ design has been re-engineered to provide full access to all the pumps’ rotating parts. NEMO FSIP is now available in six sizes (NM045 to NM105) for flow rates up to 700 gallons per minute (gpm). Now offered with differential pressures up to 90 pounds per square inch (psi) (1-stage) up to 180 psi (2-stage). S, L, D and P geometries are now available. All wearing parts — from flange to flange — can easily be replaced when opening the pump.

NETZSCH Pumps & Systems

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Alarm monitoring

Verbatim® Connect from RACO enhances the field-proven Verbatim remote equipment monitoring system with advanced notification and reporting capabilities. With Verbatim Connect, you can receive cloud-based alarm notifications by SMS message, email, pager or phone. Plus, get complete alarm history with alarm notification reporting. You can monitor your entire fleet of pumps from a single dashboard.


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Flow switch

Engineers responsible for optimizing process flow network up time find the FLT93 Flow Switch provides a reliable early warning alert to potential dry running conditions, cavitation and other pump issues that can lead to emergency shutdowns, service interruptions and costly maintenance. This dual alarm flow switch from Fluid Components International monitors flow and temperature of liquids, gases, slurries and more. It is ideal for pump wet/dry detection, where sudden, unexpected flow rate reductions can leave pumps vulnerable to over-heating conditions that shutdown processes.

Fluid Components International

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