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Jan. 1, 2009
The Strobic Air® Smart Fan™, from Strobic Air Corp., a subsidiary of Met-Pro, is the latest improvement to the TriStack® mixed flow exhaust fan line ...

Lab exhaust system

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The Strobic Air® Smart Fan™, from Strobic Air Corp., a subsidiary of Met-Pro, is the latest improvement to the TriStack® mixed flow exhaust fan line for “safety critical” applications such as laboratory fume hood exhaust and ventilation for specialized care environments. It senses pressure changes as system demand changes and continually adjusts fan speed to produce optimal flow. In multi-fan applications, fans are cycled on and off as required. It also can sense a fan failure and turn on a standby fan to maintain safe exhaust operations. Strobic Air Corp., Harleysville, PA, 215-723-4700,


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GF Piping Systems has added the new Signet 4150 Turbidimeter to its line of analytical instrumentation. The new meter provides accurate and reliable water quality monitoring that is compliant to U.S. EPA 180.1, making it ideal for both municipal and industrial applications. With its integral pressure regulator, the 4150 features easy one-unit installation and setup. Typical uses include monitoring for potable water distribution, raw or filtered water, wastewater effluent, and aquatic life support. GF Piping Systems, Tustin, CA, 800-854-4090,

Biodegradable polymer

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Construction contractors and managers of industrial sites now have an affordable and environmentally responsible resource to meet today's stringent discharge standards. Ideal for stormwater treatment, Cascade EcoSolutions' new flagship product, ChitoVan™LC, is designed to dissolve in water and coagulates suspended sediment. Made from recycled seafood process waste, it's a biodegradable polymer. These chitosan-based products are a family of powerful cationic coagulant/flocculants that have a unique ability to bind a variety of particle types – including heavy metals and organic contaminants – together so they can be filtered or gravity settled from dirty water. Cascade Ecosolutions, Bothell, WA, 888-481-0326,

Advanced cooling solution

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GE's new Advanced Cooling Solution is a fully integrated solution that automatically responds to system upsets. The comprehensive package introduces smart control systems, environmentally sensitive treatment chemistries, and wireless communications that automatically detect and instantly respond to upsets or water quality variations in recirculating cooling systems. Incorporating a fully integrated suite of GE monitoring equipment and chemistries, the Advanced Cooling Solution makes immediate adjustments to treatment polymers; optimizing system performance, reducing water consumption, protecting valuable cooling systems from corrosion, and lowering total cost of ownership. GE Water & Process Technologies, Trevose, PA, 866-439-2837, No. 149 on Reader Service Card

Wireless remote monitor

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The BobAlert™ wireless remote alarm and monitor from Innovative Waters features up to 4 analog and 5 digital inputs. It retrofits with existing control systems or connect directly to sensors. Be notified by email, text message on your cell phone, or fax. Typical applications include cooling and boiler water treatment, tank level monitoring, and chemical feed verification/failure. Innovative Waters LLC, Madison, WI, 608-230-6182,

Optical DO sensor

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The new In-Situ Rugged Dissolved Oxygen (RDO®) PRO sensor features an abrasion-resistant foil that withstands fouling, high sediment loads, and rapid flow rates. The sensor cap is pre-loaded with calibration coefficients to speed set up and eliminate programming errors. The sensor offers open-architecture communication protocols, including Modbus over RS485, SDI-12 (V 1.3), or 4-20 mA signal outputs. It eliminates need for costly external transmitters or controllers and operates on a 8 to 36 VDC input or 4-20 mA three-wire current loop. In-Situ Inc., Fort Collins, CO, 800-446-7488,

Piping pressure regulation

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Plast-O-Matic's new pressure regulating supply stick combines a number of valves, connectors and gauges into a compact, single-piece design. Series PCWS was developed to eliminate joints and minimize space and installation cost requirements in plastic piping systems. The reduction in size and connections provides an overall increase in piping strength by 1400%, virtually eliminating potential for breakage. The multi-function assembly, called a “stick,” incorporates features of a pressure regulator, pressure gauge and shut-off valve. Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc., Cedar Grove, NJ, 973-256-3000,

Spray polyurethane

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Chemline has introduced a spray-applied coating specifically engineered for corrosion protection of galvanized steel poles and structures when applied directly to the substrate at thicknesses from 18-40 mils: Chemthane 2261. The 100% solids, (Zero VOC) fast cure coating is applied in a single coat, multi-pass technique directly to a prepared substrate – no primer required. Curing within 3-5 minutes at 75°F (and applicable at 35-120°F), the coating is applied to grit-blasted (2 mil profile) galvanized steel for ground level protection against damage during installation or mechanical impact while in transit. Chemline Inc., St. Louis, MO, 314-664-2230,

Abrasion resistant compound

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Wear Guard™ High Impact from Devcon is a new, high-density epoxy putty for repairing and protecting equipment subject to extreme impact, flexing, or abrasion. A special non-VOC formulation containing a flexible acrylate and micro-alumina ceramic beads, it provides outstanding compressive strength and wear resistance, extending the life of slurry pumps, pipe elbows, scrubbers, pulverizers, screens, screw conveyors, chutes, hoppers, and other equipment. Devcon, Danvers, MA, 800-933-8266,

Industrial wireless LAN

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The Siemens Industry Automation Division has expanded Industrial Wireless LAN (IWLAN) with the iHOP function. This guarantees reliable communication even with interferences in the radio field. The IWLAN access point recognizes interferences through continuous analysis with the iHOP function. The access point then decides whether it will leave the channel together with its clients and ‘hop' to a better channel. Siemens Industry Automation Division, Nuremberg, Germany,

All-plastic diaphragm valves

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Hayward Flow Control Systems is now offering a new line of diaphragm valves that provide superior handling of difficult media such as corrosive fluids, abrasives or slurries, and can also be used for high purity and sanitary applications. Available in manual or actuated (pneumatic or electric) models, DAB Series valves feature a multi-turn design for precise control, are rated to 150 PSI, can be used for on/off or throttling service, and are self-draining on one side so little or no dead volume remains in the valve. A choice of EPDM, FPM or PTFE diaphragms are available to fit ½”-6” PVC, ½”-4” CPVC, ½”-10” PPL, and ½”-8” PVDF valve bodies. Connection options include molded-in ANSI flanges, ASTM True Union socket end connections or threaded bodies. Hayward Flow Control Systems, Clemmons, NC, 888-429-4635,

Digital coating thickness gauge

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The new version of the Elcometer 456 coating thickness gauge now benefits from a larger display for easy data viewing and a simple calibration feature to make testing even quicker. The performance standard for protective coatings (PSPC) ready Elcometer 456 MK3 also features Bluetooth® wireless technology for fast data transfer to the new ElcoMaster™ Software, ideal for easy report generation and archiving of readings. The wireless feature also allows the gauge to connect to PDAs and mobile phones for instant reporting and emailing from the field. Elcometer Inc., Rochester Hills, MI, 800-521-0635,

Flow transfer standard

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Flow Technology Inc. has introduced the “Gecko” Flow Transfer Standard, which utilizes the EZ-LINK™ portable interface box and EZ-CAL™ menu-driven software for inline comparison calibrations with the unit under test (UUT). Designed for both liquid and gas applications, it's an alternative to costly primary standard calibrators for in-house calibrations or verifications. The system consists of software and a USB interface box, which allows the user to interface with a computer of their choice. Master flow meters can be supplied, or the user can choose to use virtually any meter technology they desire for a master reference meter. Flow Technology Inc., Mesa, AZ, 480-240-3400,

Automated worksheet management

Labtronics Inc. has released the LimsLink Worksheet Utility v4.1, a stand-alone application that assists organizations with management of the worksheets that they generate while connecting laboratory instruments with LIMS. Many users retain LimsLink worksheets in an active state for reference over a specified period of time (i.e., 30 days) after which they either archive or delete them. Utility v4.1 is an automated solution that allows organizations to identify when worksheets should be automatically archived or deleted and to carry out those tasks on a regular basis. Labtronics, Guelph, ON, Canada, 519-767-1061,

Portable chemical ID system

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INFICON introduces the new HAPSITE® ER, its next generation of the only person-portable GC/MS for immediate, on-site investigation and analysis of VOCs in air, water and soil at parts per trillion (ppt) for most analytes. This field-proven chemical identification system gives even faster results for rapid decision-making, providing highly accurate chemical separation and identification in less then 10 minutes. Its bright, color touch screen displays complete analysis results, including chromatograms, spectra, library search results and quantitative data – in daylight or darkness. INFICON, East Syracuse, NY, 315-434-1234,

Compact cabinet cooler

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The Compact Cabinet Cooler from Noren Products is ideal for sealed electrical panels. It removes waste heat while keeping contaminants out. The design features low maintenance; easy installation; and energy efficiency. It replaces air conditioning and compressed air, and offers a hazardous location option. The cooler is UL-listed, NEMA 12, 4 & 4X SS and washdown units are available. Noren Products Inc., Menlo Park, CA, 866-936-6736,

Polyurethane coating

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Sherwin-Williams Protective and Marine Coatings has introduced Polylon HP Polyurethane, a two component, low VOC polyester-aliphatic urethane coating that provides a high gloss and excellent chemical resistance. It's a high performance, high solids coating that offers a wide variety of interior and exterior uses in industrial, marine and commercial applications. It's an excellent choice for tank exteriors, pipelines, bridges, machinery and equipment and marine vessels in product-finish applications. And it's suitable for use in USDA-inspected facilities. Available in a range of colors, this coating is also Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) compliant, with a VOC level <250 g/L. Sherwin Williams, Cleveland, OH, 800-524-5979,

UHP zero grade air generators

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Parker Hannifin has introduced a line of Balston® UHP Zero Grade Air Generators designed to eliminate need for expensive cylinders of zero grade air used to supply gas to LC mass spectrometers, analytical instruments, and vehicle emission test benches. Eight models are available that produce up to 280 lpm of hydrocarbon-free air from an existing compressed air supply. Special features include high-tech ergonomic cabinet design, catalysis module, visual operational status display, exceptional gas purity, and 1-year warranty. Parker Hannifin Corp., Filtration and Separation Division, Haverhill, MA, 800-343-4048,

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