Product Showcase

July 1, 2016
Collection of new products of special interest to the industrial water and wastewater markets.
Valve actuators

Rotork’s 3rd generation of IQ electric valve actuators provide technologically advanced functionality and asset management capabilities for part- and multi-turn valves. Advancements include a greatly enhanced ability to display and deliver valve and process control operational data as well as an array of features that provide for simplified commissioning and operation. Multi-turn torque outputs range from 34-3,000 Nm (25-2,200 lbf-ft) and part-turn torque outputs range from 50-2,000 Nm (37-1,475 lbf-ft). All IQ3 actuators are suitable for use with three-phase, single-phase, or DC power supplies and are ideal for many applications in water and wastewater treatment facilities, even for the most demanding situations.

Rotork Controls Inc.

Filtration technology

The Spiral Water filter provides 10 to 100 micron filtration and offers industrial customers a unique solution for their primary, pre-filtration or post-filtration applications. Each filter contains a motor-driven, spiral-shaped brush that continuously cleans collected debris from inside the filter element. Solids collected at the end of the filter housing may be expelled through an automatic purge valve. The system does not require high pressures to operate, and it performs at very low differential pressure (<1 psi). No backwash, crossflow or booster pumps are required.

Spiral Water Technologies

RO mobile trailer

MPW Industrial Services’ combination ultrafiltration-reverse osmosis mobile trailer saves time and money. MPW’s technology is capable of purifying water in a single pass up to 300 gallons per minute or double pass at 250 gallons per minute. The ultrafiltration portion of the system removes total suspended solids, organics, iron, manganese and other contaminants. With two racks and an on-board filtrate tank, the system provides continuous production even during automated on-board, clean-in-place operations. Standard instruments include feed and filtrate turbidity, flow rate, pressure sensors, pH, conductivity and water temperature. A programmable logic control system monitors and adjusts conditions to maintain consistent and reliable operations.

MPW Industrial Services

Grinder pump series

The Shark® grinder pump series from Zoeller Engineered Products will now include 1.0 and 1.5 HP models 818 and 819, joining the 2.0 HP model 820 pump family. Zoeller’s dual-bladed, angled cutter features scissor-like action that shreds difficult wastewater materials to a 1/8” particle size. This improved cutter system delivers more torque per blade, lowering amp spikes and extending pump service life. All pumps are available in either automatic or non-automatic models. All Zoeller pumps are 100% factory tested.

Zoeller Engineered Products

Mud valves

Trumbull’s Mud Valves are used in treatment plants to drain tanks for maintenance or cleaning. Trumbull’s heavy-duty Mud Valves provide a lifetime of trouble-free, low maintenance operation. Each one receives a unique serial number stamp after passing inspection by Quality Assurance. In addition, all Trumbull Mud Valves are certified for compliance with both NSF-61 and NSF-372, providing assurance that they are safe for use in a public water system. Adaptable to specific needs with options including sliding stems and optional materials for seats, which are mechanically retained for ease of replacement.

Trumbull Industries Inc.

Repair clamp

The Quick Cam Repair Clamp from Total Piping Solutions is a wide-range, high-performance clamp that utilizes a smart gasketing system to provide working pressures to 200 psi in diameters ranging from 2 to 42 inches. The Quick Cam Repair Clamp is available in widths of 9-, 12-, 15-, 23-, 30- and 36-inches in length, and constructed of either 100% stainless steel materials or with an optional ductile iron lug system.

Total Piping Solutions

Water level datalogger

The AquaVent™ Water level datalogger uses a vented pressure transducer for reliable, accurate datalogging of water levels. The AquaVent features a low maintenance design. Hydrophobic filters and permanent desiccants provide moisture protection for the lifetime of the instrument. Batteries are user-replaceable, and are conveniently located in the wellhead at surface. Vented cable lengths extend to 500 feet.

Solinst Canada Ltd.

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