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Nov. 1, 2008
The Schneider Electric Relay Competency Center (SE Relays LLC) announces the release of the Square D® brand 8501KA series alternating relay...

Multi-pump load control

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The Schneider Electric Relay Competency Center (SE Relays LLC) announces the release of the Square D® brand 8501KA series alternating relay, a superior and cost-competitive alternative to existing alternating plug-in relays utilized in the pump industry to control multiple loads. The relay offers 12-amp contact ratings while utilizing less space on the DIN rail. It also works well as a drop-in replacement in the MRO industry and offers features that appeal to OEM panel builders. Schneider Electric, Palatine, IL, 847-397-2600,

Alarm audit software

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The LogMate® AlarmKB™ (Knowledge Base) provides a straightforward way to audit alarm settings. It compares two alarm profiles, highlighting differences in a summary of contrasting settings. The AlarmKB Import Utility (AKBIU™) simplifies the audit process by importing control system settings from native configuration files into the AlarmKB. It takes just a few keystrokes to import and compare a configuration file. Imports can be performed on demand or set to run on a predefined schedule. Updated regularly, AKBIU is compatible with: ABB/Bailey Infi-90, Emerson DeltaV, Emerson DeltaV Operate for PROVOX and Fisher PROVOX, Foxboro I/A, Honeywell Experion and TDC, Rockwell Automation RSView, Yokogawa Centum and Kongsberg. TiPS Inc., Georgetown, TX, 512-863-3653,

Manufacturing solutions

Wonderware, a business unit of Invensys, announced new software solutions designed to enable customers to better address critical issues in manufacturing operations. These enhanced software solutions include Wonderware Operations Software 3.4 and Wonderware Performance Software 3.4 and are evolutions of the Factelligence offerings from the acquisition of Cimnet, an MES software company integrated into Wonderware in 2007. Wonderware, Lake Forest, CA,

Programmable vibration switches

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Balmac Model 550 Programmable Vibration Switches provide 24/7 monitoring of vibration levels on equipment such as large motors, pumps, compressors, fans, centrifuges, blower and cooling towers. The Model 550 features two user-programmable vibration limits (alarm and shutdown) and time delays. Additionally, the Model 550 features: a 4-20mA output for connecting to PLC's, DCS, SCADA systems and panel meters for additional network compatible monitoring, a self-diagnostic system test button to confirm proper operation with LED limit trip indicators, and field configurable automatic limit and control relay with remote reset. Balmac Inc., Plain City, OH, 614-873-8222,

Water crisis management solution

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Whitewater Security, a subsidiary of the Whitewater Technology Group, has introduced a comprehensive security solution for water utilities and municipalities that covers all areas of water crisis management — including protection, monitoring, and contamination detection. Designed and implemented by some of the world's leading security specialists, the Whitewater Security solution protects against both deliberate and accidental contamination, minimizes infrastructure vulnerability, and ensures a continuous supply of safe, high quality water. Whitewater Security, a subsidiary of the Whitewater Technology Group, Tel Aviv, Israel, 972-3-6099011,

Data radios products

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Control Microsystems has announced the release of SCADAWave, a line of data radio products that includes remotes, base stations and hot standby/redundant station variants in both licensed and unlicensed frequency formats. The license-free format is represented by the SCADAWave Ultra-Series radios, which are designed to provide reliable and secure serial data communication in the 900MHz ISM band. Control Microsystems, Ottawa, ON, Canada, 888-267-2232,

High power Ethernet radios

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Phoenix Contact's new high-power industrial radios provide secure wireless communication over a long-distance, wireless mesh network of up to 40 radios. The RAD-80211-XD/HP and RAD-80211XD/HP-BUS feature 400 mW (26 dBm) transmit power and 128-bit AES encryption. A unique auto-bridge mesh mode allows the network to self-form and heal if a radio drops out of the network. This results in an uninterrupted flow of data even if other bridge devices or network segments in the data's path fail. Like the other radios in the RAD-80211-XD series, the high power radios also support access point, client and bridge/repeater modes. Phoenix Contact, Middletown, PA, 800-322-3225,

Fieldbus temperature transmitter

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The TFZ Programmable FOUNDATION Fieldbus Temperature Transmitter can be installed on the same segment with all standard FOUNDATION fieldbus devices. The TFZ converts a temperature sensor input to a FOUNDATION fieldbus H1, two-way digital communication protocol that is ready for interface to a DCS, computer-based SCADA system, or asset management software. The TFZ saves wire and installation costs by allowing up to 32 field devices (126 with repeaters) to be networked onto one, low cost FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 segment. Moore Industries-International Inc., North Hills, CA, 818-894-7111,

Supervisory control solution

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GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, offers the latest version of its supervisory control solution, Proficy® HMI/SCADA - CIMPLICITY® 7.5, offering more diagnostic tools, security, development tools, connectivity and flexibility than ever before. Notable enhancements include Digital Graphical Replay (DGR), enhanced screen navigation, and easy-to-use application deployment. GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, Charlottesville, VA,

SCADA interface

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Semaphore has introduced a 1-Wire® interface for its T-BOX line of SCADA system products. This interface is compatible with a T-BOX MS Modular System, when equipped with a 32-bit CPU. 1-Wire is a half duplex communications network that uses a single wire to provide data transmission and power. 1-Wire provides access to a wide range of small, inexpensive sensor devices, which are used in energy management, infrastructure management, and environmental monitoring applications. Semaphore SCADA solutions, Nashua, NH, 603-577-3803,

USB device servers

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Quatech's USB Wired and Wireless Device Servers help maximize productivity by connecting to and sharing a wide range of USB peripherals to members on a network. Quatech USB Device Servers offer added features such as streaming video and audio with the USB Wireless Device Server or the Network Attached Storage option with the USB Wired Device Server for added storage. Access and share files saved on USB storage devices, send and receive data from remote USB devices or pictures taken on a digital camera, and print and scan to any device on your network. Quatech, Hudson, OH, 800-553-1170,

Frequency-hopping serial radios

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ProSoft Technology's new Industrial Frequency Hopping serial radios are license-free and are available in both the 900 MHz (RLX-IFH9S) and 2.4 GHz (RLX-IFH24S) bands. Frequency hopping radios use a proprietary signal that hops from channel to channel, which provides the wireless network with an extra layer of security allowing it to avoid interference or existing wireless networks. ProSoft Technology, Bakersfield, CA, 661-716-5257,

Multi-service access platform

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TC Communications Inc. has announced availability of its new flagship Gigabit Ethernet Multi-Service Access Platform (MSAP), the JumboSwitch™ product family. The center piece of the JumboSwitch family is an industrial hardened (-40°C to 80°C), fully-managed and easily scalable Gigabit Ethernet switch that is ideal for Utility & SCADA environments. It integrates up to seven hot-swappable Ethernet, Voice & Data interface cards onto a Gigabit backbone Ethernet fiber optic network. Currently available Interface cards include 10/100/1000M Ethernet (SFP copper or fiber optic); T1/E1 (TDMoIP); Serial Data (RS-232/422/485); and, VoIP (FXO & FXS). Future interfaces will include T3/E3 & DI/DO. TC Communications Inc., Irvine, CA, 949-852-1972,

Enhanced fleet tracking

SkyWave Mobile Communications has introduced the SureLinx 8100c Satellite/GPRS terminal. With an on-board computer (OBC), Controlled Area Network (CAN), RS485 and RS232 interfaces, this new product offers transportation and logistics managers a flexible and low-cost option for communicating with vehicles in both urban and remote locations. The SureLinx 8100c combines SkyWave's Isat M2M satellite technology with worldwide cellular capabilities and intelligent message routing in a single integrated package. Designed to minimize networking costs as well as increase communication reliability and coverage, SureLinx 8100c allows customers to take advantage of low cost, high-data rate GPRS networks in cellular regions and seamlessly switch to reliable satellite communication in other areas. SkyWave Mobile Communications, Ottawa, Canada, 613-836-4844,

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