Oct. 1, 2012
An assortment of products that will be on display at Power-Gen Conference in Orlando

Orlando to Host Power-Gen Conference

Serving the power industry for more than 20 years, Power-Gen International is the largest power industry conference and exhibition in North America, providing comprehensive coverage of trends, technologies and issues facing the generation sector. The event will be held Dec. 11-13 in Orlando, FL.

More than 1,200 companies from all sectors of the industry exhibit each year and more than 19,000 attendees come together at Power-Gen International for a horizontal look at the industry with key emphasis on new solutions and innovations for the future.

This year a half-day workshop and two conference sessions will be devoted to water topics. The workshop, entitled Power Plant Wastewater Treatment to Meet the Effluent Limitation Guidelines, is a four-hour course presented by engineers at CH2M Hill.

The course will focus on the key water management issues facing the power industry today and those that will present challenges in the near future. It will include an overview of the development of new and pending Environmental Protection Agency effluent limit guidelines and other regulations, providing an explanation of why each new regulation may be enacted, how each may affect the power industry, and a timeline of when the new legislation will go into effect.

The presentation also addresses how coal fired power plant utilities may expect to prepare for new regulation. Specific topics to be covered include dry fly ash handling, dry bottom ash handling, hydrobins for bottom ash and blowdown treatment, tank-based treatment for bottom ash and miscellaneous waters, FGD wastewater treatment, and modifying intake or outfall designs to meet permit requirements.

Proceeds from this workshop will be donated to the non-profit Water for People program, www.waterforpeople.org.

A session on Water Regulatory Compliance and Operations will offer papers that discuss various issues and related projects with respect to water/wastewater treatment and technology. Paper topics include Mercury and Trace Metals Removal Using Wet Scrubber and Wastewater Treatment; The Current and Future Use of Deep Injection Well Technology in the Power Generation Industry; and Advanced Technology for Grey and Reuse Water Treatment.

Another session will focus on complying with the Clean Water Act 316(b). Proposed 316(b) regulations will have long term impacts on the power industry. More than 670 plants will be affected. The requirements could result in facilities modifying cooling water intake structures or adding cooling towers, new screens or changing operating procedures for screens. The session will review the proposed rules and potential compliance options.

Papers to be presented include Implications of EPA's Proposed Clean Water Act 316(b) Regulations on the Power Industry; Compliance Challenges for Implementing New Cooling Water Intake Structure Regulations; Understanding the Clean Water Act §316(b) Rule for Existing Facilities; and Safe Screens: Technology-Based Fish Protection Solutions for Water Intake Structures.

In addition to the conference sessions, a variety of companies offering water treatment and management systems will be exhibiting on the show floor at Power-Gen. For more information, visit www.power-gen.com.

Level limit detection

Predominately used for level limit detection in tough process conditions, the Endress+Hauser Solicap S FTI77 offers detection in high temperature applications of bulk solids. The active build-up compensation ensures safe switching even at strong build-up and viscous media points. This robust design permits a maximum lateral load of up to 590 ft/lb.
Endress+Hauser Inc.
Booth 5059

Pipe products

Flowtite® filament wound pipe products will be displayed at Power-Gen. The lightweight, corrosion and abrasion resistant FRP pipe is manufactured under strict quality standards. With extremely smooth bore and low friction loss with Hazen-Williams flow coefficient of C=150, the pipe is an ideal choice for hydropower and penstock applications. It is UV resistant and therefore suitable for above ground installations. The pipe is produced in diameters from 12" to 156", up to 40 foot long and 450 psi pressure class.
Booth 3666

Check valves

Check-All Valve manufactures a complete line of in-line, spring-loaded piston-type check valves for conventional and renewable energy solutions. Its Flange Insert valves are designed to fit between ANSI Class flanges. In sizes ranging from ½" to 20", they are lightweight and can be installed in new installations or for retrofit. They can be used as check valves, low pressure relief valves, and vacuum breakers by selecting any of the wide range of spring settings. Applications include backflow prevention, thermal by-pass, fluid manifolds, injection line isolation, media injection, maintaining head pressure, and many others.
Check-All Valve Mfg.
Booth 3567

Water treatment

Veolia will exhibit its water and wastewater treatment systems for the power industry. Technologies on display include the Actiflo® Clarification or Softening Systems. The compact, high-rate water and wastewater clarification process combines microsand enhanced flocculation and settling. It can be used to treat raw water or recycle process water to provide boiler feed, process water or cooling tower make-up. The company will also exhibit its demineralization, ion exchange, and condensate polishing systems.
Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies
Booth 4075

Condensate polishing

Graver's patented Powdex® condensate polishing system is a precoat filter demineralizer providing both suspended solids removal and ion exchange capability in a single vessel. The process uses fine particle size ion exchange resin in combination with fiber materials to form a precoat on specially designed filter septa. This precoat of ion exchange resin and fiber provides excellent filtration performance and rapid ion exchange kinetics to produce the effluent quality required to satisfy the high demands of today's utility and industrial applications.
Graver Technologies
Booth 2517

Resin regeneration

Ovivo's Conesep® is a fully automated process for external regeneration of ion exchange resin, used in deep bed ion exchange condensate polishing. The system is designed to eliminate the problems associated with internal regeneration by transferring the ion exchange resins from the service polishing unit to separate vessels specifically designed for regeneration. When the resins are fully regenerated, they are transferred back into the service unit. The process achieves resin separation superior to conventional external regeneration systems without operator intervention, which is the key to the highest quality condensate and allows for extended runs beyond the ammonia point breakthrough.
Ovivo USA
Booth 1462

Membrane filtration

Nitto Denko/Hydranautics' membranes (SWC, CPA, ESPA, HYDRAcap, HYDRAsub) are used extensively in municipal, and industrial water and wastewater treatment. Its CPA5-LD membranes are composite polyamide brackish water membranes with high rejection, high flow, and low fouling propensity. Applications include ultrapure water production for semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries; boiler feed water for power generation and manufacturing industries; and industrial wastewater recycle.
Nitto Denko/Hydranautics
Booth 3066

Water treatment systems

Aquatech International is an original equipment manufacturer of industrial water and wastewater treatment systems, and a supplier of water management services. The company can offer zero liquid discharge solutions for complex industrial wastewaters. Technologies include seeded slurry brine concentrator; forced circulation crystallizer; horizontal spray film evaporator; hybrid systems with preconcentrators; conventional reverse osmosis and HERO™ Technology.
Aquatech International Corp.
Booth 5319

Facility construction

Garney specializes in the construction of water and wastewater pipelines and treatment facilities, as well as industrial and heavy civil projects. The City of Midlothian selected Garney to construct their Water Treatment Plant No. 2. Due to the growth in the Midlothian area, there has been an increasing demand for water, requiring the construction of the new 9 mgd plant. Construction elements include a sedimentation basin, chemical building, recycle pump station, three sludge lagoons, raw water control building, and an administration building with membrane process equipment. The company will also provide mechanical work, site work, and a raw water pipeline.
Garney Construction
Booth 3164

Water treatment systems

Since 1979, Schreiber has manufactured energy-efficient, water and wastewater treatment systems from head works to tertiary filtration. The company's compressible media filter, the "Fuzzy Filter®", can adjust pore size to 4 microns with flows at 30 gpm/sq ft. The company also offers peripheral drive clarifiers. The drive system uses leverage rather than center-drive torque to rotate the scraper and skimming assembly, resulting in a simplified mechanical system. The equipment necessary for the continuous removal of floatables and settled solids is suspended from either a rotating bridge or, for smaller units, a lightweight rotating beam arm.
Schreiber LLC
Booth 4935

Mixing systems

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions' Flue-Gas Desulfurization System is designed to meet the challenges faced by coal-fired power plants. The unique AirWing™ design provides more reliable agitators and efficient propellers to save energy while eliminating absorber process failures during flooding. It also offers a solution that uses less air to accomplish better results, with less time, extending compressor life. Outperforming current offerings by over 30% in mass transfer, this system works to decrease emissions and ensure mechanical reliability with each Phoenix™ System installed.
Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd.
Booth 5822

Expansion joints

Proco Products offers a variety of piping system expansion joints. Its Style 271 rubber expansion joint is a single, super wide flowing arch design. The wide flowing arch is self-cleaning which makes it a perfect choice for slurries, thus eliminating the need for a filled arch design. The joints absorb pipe movement and stress, reduce system noise and isolate mechanical vibration. They are branded with cure dates and elastomer designations. All Neoprene Tube/Neoprene Cover and Nitrile Tube/Neoprene Cover elastomer designated joints meet Coast Guard Requirements and conform to ASTM F 1123-87.
Proco Products Inc.
Booth 2660

Flow meters

Primary Flow Signal manufactures flow meters for the Power, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Paper and Municipal markets. Products include orifice plates and meter tubes, ASME PTC-6 flow nozzles, ASME venturi, HVT low loss venturi, wedge meters, turbine meters and accessories. The company maintains a fully staffed engineering & design group well versed in flow meter design in all ASME & ISO standards.
Primary Flow Signal
Booth 5336

Water treatment systems

Ecodyne Water offers custom designed utility/industrial water treatment systems. Equipment includes pre-treatment, demineralizers, condensate polishers, deaerators and cooling towers. A team of experienced engineers and project managers allows the company to undertake large projects with complex specifications. System offerings include Monoplants - a self-contained system for potable water. Coagulation, flocculation, clarification and filtration are combined in a single package for site erection. The filters backwash automatically by gravity for minimal operator supervision.
Ecodyne Water
Booth 2517

Specialty chemicals

Buckman offers specialty chemicals, technical expertise/service, and a global network of experienced associates who identify, prevent, and solve water treatment problems. Its Oxamine system combines smart chemistry and proprietary feeding and monitoring equipment to provide a stable chloramine water treatment system. Oxamine prevents microbiological fouling and infection that cause corrosion and block heat transfer. The company's PCA Plus product is a cost-effective yet comprehensive scale control program that works to optimize heat transfer, keep water flowing, lower energy costs, and reduce cleaning and maintenance needs.
Buckman Laboratories International
Booth 665

Water management

SAMCO Technologies provides minimum waste/high yield water management solutions for produced water, boiler feed, condensate polishing, brine concentration/crystallization, and Zero Liquid Discharge. It is an exclusive licensee of the Rohm & Haas Advanced-Amberpack Deionization (ADI) technology. The company's oil/water separators (OWS) are capable of separating oils and solids from water where the oil and solids have a different specific gravity than water. Effluent concentrations of non-emulsified oil can be removed down to 10 mg/l.
SAMCO Technologies, Inc.
Booth 3569

Check, control valves

For more than 50 years, DFT has solved check valve problems such as preventing water hammer and eliminating wear. The company also helps solve severe service control valve problems including high pressure drop and high temperature applications. Its Excalibur® Silent Check Valve model is a spring-assisted, center guided, in-line, check valve that provides reliable, low maintenance service for a wide range of fluids and pressure/temperature combinations. The valves are available in a wide range of sizes and pressure ratings and in a variety of metals to meet most check valve requirements.
DFT Inc.
Booth 4360

Screening systems

Hydrolox engineered-polymer traveling water screens allow for compliance with EPA Draft Rule 316(b). They are impact- and abrasion-resistant, can operate 24/7, last five times longer than traditional steel screens, and are virtually maintenance free. These lightweight, fish-friendly screens improve water flow-through, reduce cleaning time, and outperform traditional steel screens.
Booth 751

Water treatment services

US Water Services provides economical and environmentally sound water treatment systems that integrate chemical, equipment, engineering and service into one complete package. The company offers water treatment process design for large and small systems. It also offers off line RO / UF membrane cleaning services; custom platform RO systems; and custom built chemical control and feed skids for cooling water systems. Its systems are engineered to integrate into existing plants or with new plant design. Systems include water pretreatment for ground, surface or gray water, as well as discharge remediation systems, including zero liquid discharge.
US Water Services
Booth 1235

Pumping systems

Sulzer's boiler feed pumps, condensate extraction pumps and cooling water pumps satisfy applications most widely used for power generation - from industrial generating plants through to the latest generation of super critical power stations. The company's M-Series pump range covers applications from small spray water systems to utility boiler feed duties. The M series is designed for use in a wide range of applications primarily pumping clean or slightly polluted liquids. The MC High Pressure Stage Casing Pumps are horizontal, radially split ring section pumps of modular design. MC pumps are suitable for pumping clean or slightly polluted, hot or cold, chemically neutral or aggressive liquids.
Sulzer Pumps
Booth 3015

Water intake systems

Beaudrey specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of water intake, fish protection and condenser protection systems. The most recent addition to its Fish Protection System portfolio is the Water Intake Protection Screen (WIP). This water screen is an effective solution to reducing fish mortality caused by impingement and entrainment during water screening. The WIP was developed as an alternative to traditional thru-flow traveling band screens and can be retrofitted into existing band screen openings.
Beaudrey American Services, LLC
Booth 3559

Traveling water screens

Atlas Manufacturing manufactures new Traveling Water Screens including fish handling designs. Its offerings also include rebuilt screens, overhead monorail trash rakes, trash racks and replacement parts for all screens. It staffs service crews for on-site services. Screen types available include standard water screens, dual flow screens and state-of-the-art heavy duty water screens that are complaint with Section 316B for marine life handling.
Atlas Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Booth 5614

Analytical instruments

Swan Analytical USA is an international manufacturer of online analytical instruments. Its AMI Silica system provides online continuous measuring of silica in feedwater, steam, condensate and make-up water. Product highlights include automatic zero before every sample measurement; and LED photometer that offers long-term light stability; selectable measuring interval and low reagent consumption; sample flow monitoring and low level reagents detection; and a measuring range up to 5,000 ppb. An optional dual sample stream or AMI Sample Sequencer is available for up to six sample streams.
Swan Analytical USA
Booth 1039

Zero liquid discharge

Degrémont Technologies is the water treatment specialist within Suez Environment. The company's Zero Liquid Discharge system completely removes dissolved solids from wastewater and returns clean water to the process. Reverse osmosis may be used to concentrate the waste stream and return the permeate to the process. In this case, a much smaller volume (the reject) will require evaporation. In many cases, falling film evaporation is used to further concentrate the brine prior to crystallization.
Degrémont Technologies
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