Certification Action Line — Questions — February 2014

Feb. 3, 2014

Questions about autotrophs and heterotrophs.

1.       The acronym “HPC” stands for:

a.       high performance chromatography

b.       high pressure chromatography

c.       heterotrophic plate count

d.       Hewlett Packard computer

2.       Autotrophic organisms or autotrophs are:

a.       producers

b.       consumers

c.       decomposers

3.       Man is a heterotrophic organism or heterotroph. (True or False?)

4.       HPC bacteria can typically colonize to _____ colony forming units per milliliter (cfu/ml) of water in home water treatment equipment.

a.       1-10

b.       10-100

c.       100-1,000

d.       1,000 and more

5.       People’s greatest exposure to HPC microorganisms originates from GAC and RO water treatment equipment. (True or False?)

6.       Heterotrophic bacteria colonizations in water treatment equipment are most likely:

a.       harmful to public health

b.       innocuous to (no effect on) public health

c.       helpful to public health

7.       U.S. EPA regulates HPC levels in drinking water to 500 cfu/ml. (True or False?)

8.       All organic chemical compounds are formed by living plants and animals. (True or False?)

9.       Most coliform bacteria are normally nonpathogenic. (True or False?)

10.    There is value in monitoring HPC levels in public drinking water systems. (True or False?)