Membrane technology firm Cembrane joins Ovivo

Nov. 3, 2021
Ovivo has designated Cembrane’s silicon carbide membranes as its preferred membrane technology in the future.

Ovivo Inc., a global provider of water and wastewater treatment equipment, technology and systems, recently announced that Cembrane A/S has joined the Ovivo group.

Founded in 2014 and based in Lynge, Denmark, Cembrane produces a unique patented silicon carbide (SiC) flat sheet membrane used by water and wastewater treatment OEM and system integrators worldwide for a wide variety of applications in drinking water and wastewater within both the municipal and industrial markets. Cembrane's SiC membrane technology is integrated into more than 450 installations in 65 countries. Ovivo has designated Cembrane SiC membranes as its preferred membrane technology in the future.

In comparison to conventional membranes that can experience operational challenges when stressed, Cembrane SiC technology is resilient, as the silicon carbide's natural properties effortlessly attract water while repelling foulants. This results in extremely high sustainable fluxes and the ability to operate reliably with high solids and oils, as well as under other difficult conditions that polymeric membranes struggle with. Silicon carbide is also one of the hardest materials in the world and can withstand the broadest range of temperatures, pH, chemicals, and pressures. SiC membranes have achieved a new level of performance in some of the most demanding water and wastewater treatment applications.

The partnership between Cembrane and Ovivo started in September 2018 when Ovivo signed an exclusive licensing agreement and took a minority participation in Cembrane. Since then, Ovivo has successfully integrated Cembrane's SiC membranes into many of its solutions. As part of Ovivo, Cembrane will operate under its own brand name and will continue to be led by Lasse Andreassen, as Chief Executive Officer of Cembrane.

"We are delighted to welcome Cembrane and its employees as part of the Ovivo family after successfully partnering with them for several years,'' said Marc Barbeau, president and chief executive officer of Ovivo. "Our mission is to provide sustainable and efficient water treatment solutions to our customers through expertise and innovation, and the SiC membrane technology developed by Cembrane is the perfect product to deliver sustainable and innovative value added solutions to our customers.”

"Ovivo is a world leader in water and wastewater treatment with whom we developed a very close and strong relationship over the years. I think that it is the perfect sponsor with a strategic and global reach to support the long-term success and development of Cembrane and its employees," said Lasse Andreassen, CEO and former main shareholder of Cembrane.

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