Nalco Water launches Premium Cooling Water Program for power, energy, chemical and metal industries

April 29, 2024
The program combines Nalco Water’s water management expertise with digital intelligence and new innovations in deposit sensing technology.

NAPERVILLE, Illinois (April 29, 2024; Nalco Water release) — Nalco Water, an Ecolab company, has launched the Premium Cooling Water Program to deliver outcome-based value that supports our customers’ key business drivers for the power, primary metals, energy and chemical processing industries. The program combines Nalco Water’s water management expertise with digital intelligence and new innovations in deposit sensing technology. The program also features advanced chemistry solutions, such as low-phosphorous and non-metal products, to help cooling water operators manage water quality and control scale while meeting environmental regulations.

By combining automation and predictive insights with innovation and a global expert ecosystem of engineers and service specialists, Nalco Water aims to help increase system uptime, reduce water and energy use and optimize operations for customers’ cooling water processes.

A comprehensive solution

Scale, corrosion, fouling and microbiological growth can significantly impact the efficiency and reliability of cooling water systems. These conditions can also affect the lifespan of equipment and infrastructure assets, which require significant capital expense to replace. Without an optimized treatment program, plant operators must plan for long maintenance windows and downtime to address scale deposits and other issues.

The Premium Cooling Water Program addresses these conditions by combining the following to form a comprehensive solution:

  • Asset intelligence delivered by OMNI — Powered by the ECOLAB3D platform and available for multiple types of assets, like heat exchangers, condensers, air separation units and steel contact systems, OMNI digital solutions help protect asset life and maximize system uptime. Using historical and real-time data from multiple sources, and leveraging predictive analytics, the solutions help operators identify and address potential mechanical, operational and chemical issues early to minimize unplanned downtime and maintenance.
  • Next-level 3D TRASAR automation and deposit sensing — 3D TRASAR technology for cooling water detects system variability and determines the appropriate corrective action to deliver optimized water treatment automatically. The system features an enhanced all-in-one controller with a touchscreen user interface, smart sensor technology and improved connectivity. Further, the system contains new deposit sensing technology that uses an innovative measurement process to help operators identify scale deposits in real time. The system also connects to the Ecolab Global Intelligence Center, a network of remote monitoring specialists who provide 24/7/365 support at six intelligence centers worldwide.
  • Premium chemistry products for scale and corrosion control — Nalco Water offers a variety of low-phosphorous and non-metal products formulated to help optimize operations while also complying with regulations. The solutions help operators balance performance with sustainability by contributing to less phosphate and metal discharge into the environment.

Together, the technologies deliver an all-encompassing solution for critical industries by taking an integrated approach to managing cooling water performance and sustainability.

“As industries worldwide face pressure to maintain cost-effective performance while moving towards sustainability targets, our Premium Cooling Water Program emerges as a crucial solution that can help customers prioritize both,” said Jeff Bulischeck, EVP and GM, Global Heavy Water. “Through this program, Nalco Water can deliver comprehensive customer value enabled by best-in-class digital technology and expertise.”

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