Ecolab, ITE partner to harness water management knowledge for Singapore data center engineers

April 29, 2024
The agreement will advance education and hands-on experience in the field of water management and sustainable operations.

(Singapore — 29 APRIL 2024 — Ecolab Release) Nalco Water, an Ecolab company, and ITE are joining forces through the signing of a memorandum of understanding to solidify a collaborative partnership that will advance knowledge transfer, education and hands-on experience in the field of water management and sustainable operations.

Nalco Water will deliver lectures on data center-specific topics such as water reclaim, reuse, and recycling, as well as sustainable design, maintenance practices, and artificial intelligence in data center operations.

In addition, the partnership entails a comprehensive knowledge exchange program, with learning opportunities and practical water management applications.

Nalco Water will provide a learning online portal accessible to students and will include training modules covering water fundamentals, water safety, safe chemical handling, reverse osmosis (RO) systems, and analytical field testing. The program will benefit current student engineers working in the Data Center industry.

Speaking at the MOU signing, Ms. Poh Li San, MP Sembawang West and Deputy Chairperson GPC for Sustainability and Environment commented, “In line with the Singapore Green Plan 2030, the government is proactively encouraging the delivery of best-in-class power generation technology that meets emission standards and reduces carbon emissions. The whole-of-nation plan highly supports collaboration between private organizations and institutions to drive innovation in sustainable data center technologies and practices that improve energy efficiencies, reduce environmental impact, and enhance the overall sustainability of data center operations.”

“We are thrilled to formalize this collaboration with ITE”, said Mr Gregory Lukasik, senior vice president and market head of Southeast Asia for Ecolab. “Ecolab recognizes the vital role of data centers in supporting the digital infrastructure. In Singapore, our expertise helps data centers implement innovative water-efficient technologies and sustainable practices, aligning with the nation's commitment to water conservation while meeting the demands of a digital-driven economy. This strategic partnership represents our commitment to fostering knowledge transfer and cultivating the next generation of talent in water management and environmental sustainability.”

ITE is equally enthusiastic about the partnership. “ITE and Ecolab share the same commitment towards sustainability and innovation. Through this collaboration, we hope to catalyse positive change across the industry and society by providing some 200 Work-Study Diploma trainees with access to educational resources and hands-on experiences in sustainable water management, water auditing and more,” said Ms Low Khah Gek, chief executive officer of ITE.

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