Refinery Water Engineering to expand training offering

July 31, 2020
Process engineering firm plans to offer coursework through a partnership with Forester University, a subsidiary of Endeavor Business Media.

NEDERLAND, TX — Refinery Water Engineering & Associates, Inc. (RWE), a process engineering firm specialized in broad spectrum water and wastewater treatment technologies, has announced plans to expand its educational offerings through a partnership with Endeavor Business Media and its subsidiary, Forester University, one of the top U.S. providers of online industrial and environmental training courses.  

Since 2009, RWE has completed 92 refinery and petrochemical wastewater engineering projects and is considered a global leader in refinery wastewater treatment training.  

The new partnership with Forester University will enable RWE to develop live and interactive online training courses for a wider audience. The first course, planned for fall 2020, will focus on eAOP (Electrochemical Advanced Oxidation) and will explore the fundamentals of eAOP reactions, comparison to alternative treatments, and fits for specific refinery and petrochemical applications. 

Additional training courses are being considered for future development. Topics may include: Oil Refinery & Petrochemical Plant WWTP Process Control; Practical Application of Modeling Tools in Oil Refinery & Petrochemical Plant WWTPs; Designing Oil Refinery & Petrochemical Plant Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems; and Disposal, Treatment, & Management of RCRA Listed Hazardous Wastes. 

RWE's team of world-renowned experts is one of the most experienced groups ever assembled in refinery and petrochemical wastewater treatment technology. Team members include:

Dr. Carl Adams has designed & constructed over 1,000 WWTPs 

Dr. David Jenkins is a world authority on biological secondary clarifier performance

Dr. Mike Stenstrom is a world authority on biological aeration design and performance

Mr. David Kujawski has engineered 64 refinery and petrochemical wastewater projects

Dr. John Crittenden is Dept. Chair of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech University

Mr. Arthur Wong is an expert refinery & petrochem WWTP modeler and operations troubleshooter

MsSidney Cabbiness has 35 years of environmental regulations management with three different oil companies 

Visit Forester University at for updates on RWE coursework and scheduling. 

About Refinery Water Engineering & Associates

Refinery Water Engineering & Associates (RWE) is an engineering consulting firm focused on cutting-edge technologies for specific application in the petrochemical industry. RWEhas over 30 years of experience in more than 40 U.S. oil refineries alone, as well as a dozen more in Latin America and Asia. RWE has additional experience in over 60 related petrochemical processing plants. Key RWE personnel have participated in project work in over 1,200 industrial plants worldwide. The range of our project participation includes site surveys, due diligence, feasibility studies, preliminary engineering, design-build engineering and construction, process control, troubleshooting, marketing, and sales.

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