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  • September/October 2021
  • September/October 2021

    Courtesy of Amin Almasi
    An example of a piping section of a water treatment unit during construction.

    Piping for water and wastewater treatment systems

    Oct. 28, 2021
    Consider these important aspects and parameters for piping design, engineering, installation and operation.
    Courtesy of HRS Heat Exchangers
    HRS DTI Series tubular heat exchangers used for wastewater treatment.

    Choosing the best heat exchanger for wastewater

    Oct. 21, 2021
    The challenging nature of wastewater and sludge means it is important to choose the right type of heat exchanger.
    Courtesy of Evoqua Water Technologies
    Large Rotary 1
    Water Reuse

    Q&A: Benefits of a rotary press in dewatering operations

    Oct. 18, 2021
    A rotary press means less water, more savings for dewatering applications.
    Courtesy of SUEZ
    Water monitoring is a critical tool to help achieve production and sustainability goals, as well as improve process control. It is important to track the contaminants or contaminant classes that affect treatment effectiveness, product quality or equipment assets.
    Process Water

    Water monitoring trends: Taking action to achieve production and sustainability goals

    Oct. 11, 2021
    Water monitoring is a critical tool to help achieve production and sustainability goals.
    Courtesy of Sensaphone
    Sensaphone Thermal Flow Meter Digital Display
    Technology Guide

    Monitor water quality and equipment conditions with sensors for water treatment

    Oct. 11, 2021
    A remote monitoring system is a cost-effective way for water and wastewater facilities to receive early warning of water quality issues and equipment malfunctions.