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  • November/December 2021
  • November/December 2021

    Figure 1: Solugen’s Bioforge.

    Bio-based additives are solving performance challenges in heavy-duty water treatment formulations

    Jan. 3, 2022
    A novel chemoenzymatic process can address challenges without compromising performance in water treatment applications.
    ID 82324860 © Hxdylzj | Dreamstime.com
    The reduction of freshwater consumption by filtering and reusing process water saves process costs in pulp and paper production.
    Water Reuse

    One filter for filtration: Reducing water consumption at a paper manufacturing facility

    Dec. 21, 2021
    A low-maintenance automatic tubular backwashing filter system helps reuse process water for filtration.
    Photo 163373569 © Nostal6ie | Dreamstime.com
    Water tanks at industrial power plant.

    New opportunities in industrial water

    Dec. 20, 2021
    Water management trends include an increased focus on climate resiliency, digital hardware, software and analytics, and workforce management.
    Courtesy of Aquacycl
    On-site wastewater treatment units treating high-strength wastewater enables water reuse.
    Water Reuse

    Zero liquid discharge: A myth or necessity for food and beverage companies?

    Dec. 13, 2021
    With increasing water scarcity, changing regulations and consumer demands, many food and beverage companies are looking at water reuse and zero liquid discharge to meet their ...