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  • January/February 2022
  • January/February 2022

    Photo 7918870 © Pjmorley | Dreamstime.com
    Figure 1: Industrial companies increasingly view water as a key part of their environment, sustainability and governance goals.
    Process Water

    Addressing the unintended consequences of industrial water reduction

    Feb. 17, 2022
    While water reduction in industrial facilities can bring unanticipated challenges, there are existing technologies that address them.
    Photo 154662496 © David Tadevosian | Dreamstime.com
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    Water Reuse

    Optimizing water reuse in meat and poultry processing

    Feb. 11, 2022
    Recent developments in liquid/solids separation for the processing of poultry, pork and red meat have opened the door to more streamlined water reclamation processes that support...
    Courtesy of Sabo Industrial
    Figure 1: Wastewater generated from food and beverage processing operations can contain large amounts of suspended and dissolved solids, inorganics, nitrogenous organics and organic carbon. It can also have high biochemical and chemical oxygen demands. Consequently, such wastewater needs to be treated so it will not impair receiving waters or disrupt publicly owned treatment works when discharged.

    Achieving compliance with automated wastewater treatment for food processing

    Feb. 4, 2022
    Automated wastewater treatment systems can help food processors remain in compliance with EPA and local standards, while significantly reducing the cost of treatment, labor and...
    Courtesy of Endress+Hauser
    The Pasfrost plant in Passendale, Belgium.
    Water Reuse

    Conductivity measurement in a water reuse plant: Precise measured values even in low measuring ranges

    Jan. 28, 2022
    With the help of Memosens conductivity sensors, vegetable processor Pasfrost is able to monitor the proper functioning of its reverse osmosis system.
    Digital solutions will be required tools to help industrial water users adopt proactive water management solutions that deliver operational, environmental and economic benefits.
    Water Reuse

    Driving resilience and responsible water use with digital solutions

    Jan. 21, 2022
    By investing in digital solutions, companies can dramatically increase the efficiency of their industrial water management programs, helping to reduce overall water use and energy...