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Winter Edition
Achieving compliance with California’s new chromium-6 MCL
A collaborative route to evaluate treatment objectives and technology options.
Pharmaceuticals in drinking water
What is the net, long-term effect of consuming water containing traces of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs)? Researchers don’t yet know, but they are working hard to find out.
Water Technology speaks with Mitch Kostich of EPA
In part one of a special two-part podcast with EPA, Water Technology Assistant Editor Maria Woodie interviews Mitchell “Mitch” Kostich, research biologist with EPA’s Office of Research and Development, on pharmaceuticals in wastewater.
San Jose Water Company’s Quest for a scalable and cost-effective Spatial IT solution
San Jose Water Company (SJWC) needed a solution that would not only amalgamate the massive amounts of data the company had acquired over the years, but would also scale to accommodate continued growth.

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