Encore Green Environmental Receives Permit for Repurposing Produced Water for Agriculture

Jan. 17, 2020
Encore Green Environmental received a permit to land-apply industrial by-product and produced water for agricultural and conservation use.

Encore Green Environmental (EGE), announced the company received a permit to land-apply industrial by-product/produced water for agricultural and conservation use.

“We are grateful to the Department of Environmental Quality for their hard work with us to determine a safe and viable pathway to put this water to good use instead of throwing it away," said newly appointed president of EGE Wyoming John Robitaille. "Wyoming is taking leadership in environmentally friendly initiatives that work well for industry.”

The initial project is on private land near Pine Bluffs, Wyoming. EGE’s patent-pending Conservation By-Design program will start immediately with soil and agriculture evaluation to determine the appropriate water cleaning process.

“This is a game-changer because this water can now steward our very arid lands,” said Marvin Nash, co-founder of EGE and special advisor.

In addition to the appointment of Robitaille and a defined role for Nash, the company announced the promotion of Seth Frentheway to president of EGE Environmental Technologies Worldwide, where he will concentrate on all things digital, including blockchain integration, data mining, and other opportunities. Frentheway will open the Cheyenne office for EGE in the Wyoming Stock Growers Association building.

Jeff Holder continues as general manager, overseeing business aspects and communication. The restructure allows Nash to establish business opportunities and allow another executive to run things day-to-day. 

“This new structure takes advantage of the talents of our staff,” said Darlene Nash, owner and CEO of EGE. “John has a wealth of experience in energy and in agriculture. He’s the ideal person to oversee our Wyoming operation."

Encore Green Environmental is an agricultural midstream company with a digital mindset to create total ecological solutions for the oil industry, the agriculturists, and conservationists. Using its patent-pending method of Conservation By-Design, industrial produced/by-product water is cleaned to match the surrounding soil’s needs and applied to the land inside regulator parameters to meet agricultural and conservation goal.