Earth Day is April 22

April 21, 2014

Marketers need to think green.

April is a great time to reach out to eco-friendly consumers. There is a definite segment of the population that thinks and acts green and will respond to direct mail offers that focus on environmentally conscious products and services.

Eco-consciousness is especially responsive in the water quality industry, since so many products promote sustainability, conservation, energy savings and environmental awareness.

What kinds of water quality offers resonate with green consumers?

  • Water treatment companies providing in-home water purification, so that eco-friendly consumers can use their own water, rather than continually purchasing plastic water bottles.
  • A whole house water system enables homeowners to maximize the efficiency of their appliances, saving energy and dollars.
  • Parents of new babies are assured that the water they are providing to their children is a healthier alternative to tap water.
  • The industry promotes the use of eco-friendly soaps and detergents.
  • Campers and hikers can use new hand-held water purification units to improve the quality of their experience.
  • Homeowners can improve the land around them with bio-pure septic services.
  • There are environmentally conscious solutions for flow back and produced water — both from a home and industrial point of view.

For water quality dealers whose thrust is ECO, focusing their advertising dollars on their key audience will really bring home Pure Water Profits!