Municipal Insider – Spring Edition 2015

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Pipe investigations can lower nonrevenue water loss
Pipeline assessment and inspection are proactive approaches for the utility sector, identifying the best ways to prioritize budgets for renewing systems and managing assets.
Water Technology interviews GE’s Ralph Exton
In a special podcast exclusive, Water Technology Assistant Editor Maria Woodie interviews Ralph Exton, chief marketing officer of GE Water & Process Technologies, on the global energy-water nexus.

Hydraulic fracturing in water-stressed areas
A 2014 study by World Resources Institute found that more than 35 percent of U.S. shale resources are located in arid areas or locations under high or extremely high baseline water stress.

Design of a fan-driven air process cooler
To overcome water scarcity and other problems, one solution to effectively lessen the need for fresh water sourcing for industrial purposes is to reuse or recycle the water presently used for cooling.

Metering pumps Blue-White Industries
Coagulants GE
Flow meter Fluid Components International LLC SPONSOR CONTENT
Smart H2O Summit Comprehensive Conference Program To Address New Technology Solutions for Municipalities
SAN FRANCISCO — The three-day conference will feature experts from utilities and municipalities who are championing the technology revolution and the suppliers developing the innovative systems and solutions.
City of Roswell Installs Iron and Manganese Removal System
ROSWELL, Ga. — AdEdge Water Technologies LLC was contracted to design, manufacture and commission an iron and manganese treatment plant for Roswell, Georgia.
PAX Water Technologies/City of San Bruno to Offer 'Best-Practices' Tour during Smart H2O Summit
SAN FRANCISCO — Company to showcase advanced tools for managing water quality in storage tanks.
AdEdge Water Technologies Awarded biottta™ Nitrate Removal Project for the City of Delano
BUFORD, Ga. — The current nitrate levels for the city of Delano, California, are not compliant with California’s drinking water standard of 45 mg/l of nitrate as NO3.

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NFPA 70B: A Step-by-Step Guide to Compliance

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