California capitol presentation to showcase atmospheric water generation technology

July 10, 2015

SPOKANE, Wash. — The technology transforms humidity into clean water near the point of use.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Ambient Water will give a demonstration of its atmospheric water generation technology at the California State Capitol building July 13, according to a press release. A press conference will follow the presentation.

The technology transforms humidity into clean water near the point of use, noted the release. The systems serve a variety of industries including oil and gas, agriculture, residential, light commercial and communities.

As state officials continue to search for solutions to water scarcity issues associated with California’s drought, commercial technologies are garnering attention, stated the release. Rural Caucus members, elected officials and state agencies will attend the event.

“We had some very positive discussions when we met with policymakers in April, so we are excited for the opportunity to showcase the technology and allow them to see it firsthand,” said Keith White, founder and CEO of Ambient Water, in the release. “We’re thankful for the support we’ve received from lawmakers and are thrilled to have them on hand for the event.”

Ambient Water and its partner, Pacific AirWell, will lead the event, reported the release. Pacific AirWell was granted exclusive rights to sell the technology statewide last month, guaranteeing at least $1 million in sales in the first year.

“This demonstration is the next step as part of ongoing discussions with lawmakers and the governor’s office, state agencies and regulatory authorities toward finding innovative ways to reduce the demands upon surface and groundwater, and effectively mitigate California’s drought by improving the state’s drought resiliency,” said Matt Gray, CEO of Pacific AirWell, in the release. “We are grateful for lawmakers’ support and look forward to showcasing our technology and hopefully bringing relief to the people of California.”

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