LANXESS helps deliver energy savings & hydraulic fracturing affects water management spending

June 15, 2017

LANXESS’ new element grades deliver energy savings and hydraulic fracturing surge drives water management spending.

LANXESS’ new element grades deliver energy savings 

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS successfully completed a year-long practical test in Germany’s largest industrial water treatment plant for its reverse osmosis membrane elements. Optimized for applications in brackish water, these Lewabrane-branded elements are characterized by very low energy consumption and high fouling resistance. After a year, the elements were removed and taken to the applications laboratory that LANXESS operates in Bitterfeld, Germany for an "autopsy." Compared to a standard element, there was almost no increased pressure drop along the element when using the Alternating Strand Design (ASD) grades, indicating less blockage from fouling or biological growth.

Dawson Creek, Canada – October 10, 2014: Hydraulic fracturing or fracking site and equipment. Fracking is gaining popularity as a technique to access liquified natural gas, but has raised questions of environmental side effects, including the incursion of fracking fluids and released gas into nearby ground water.

Hydraulic fracturing surge drives water management spending

Water management solutions are in higher demand now due to a surge of drilling activity in the hydraulic fracturing sector, an area that was lagging just months ago. This rebound in drilling activity is forecasted to increase the energy companies’ spending on U.S. water management by 47 percent by the end of 2017, according to Bluefield’s Research’s new Market Insight and Water for U.S. Hydraulic Fracturing Market: Competitive Strategies, Solutions, and Outlook, 2017-2026.

Source: Bluefield Research

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