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Sept. 1, 2011
Hayward Flow Control has added the EPM-4 and EPM-6 models to the EPM Series of quarter-turn reversing electric actuators.

Electric valve actuators

Hayward Flow Control has added the EPM-4 and EPM-6 models to the EPM Series of quarter-turn reversing electric actuators. The actuators are designed to eliminate wiring errors, increase reliability, and provide simplicity during installation. The EPM-4 provides a torque output of 455 in-lb./ 50 Nm, and the EPM-6 an output of 600 in-lb./67 Nm. Both models feature a robust gear train design and modular construction, as well as a NEMA 4/4X enclosure. Position indicators and clutchless manual override are standard. Options include positioners, extended duty motors, feedback potentiometer, and local control stations. Hayward Flow Control,

Digital pressure sensor

The Ashcroft® GC35 digital pressure sensor provides remote signaling, local reading and pressure control, all in one small, rugged design. Equipped with a 4-20 mA analog output, four digit LED display and programmable switch contacts, this multi-function instrument performs the functions of a transducer, digital indicator and pressure switch. The GC35 is offered in ranges from 0/50 through 0/7500 psig and compound ranges to 300 psi, and is available with either a back or bottom-located pressure connection. Unique qualities include a nickel plated cast aluminum housing and a tri-color “GloBand™” to provide a 360 degree visual indication of switch status. Ashcroft,

Plastic flow meter

Assured Automation’s TM Series is a high output digital flow meter with a ½” digital display. They offer a battery life of 5000 hours and are easy to field calibrate. The digital display shows rate plus two flow totals; one total is resettable and the other locked and cumulative. The battery powered electronic displays are calibrated to read in gallons or liters per minute. These meters come in line sizes of ½” to 4” with NPT, spigot and 150 lb. ANSI flange fittings. Applications include high volume water mixing such as commercial mixing tanks, geothermal heating and cooling towers, agricultural sprayers, cement mixers and aerial crop sprayers. Assured Automation,

Perforated plate

The Duperon® Perforated Plate brings simplicity and reliability to Ultra Screening. Through the cleaning power of Hydropression™, the system is able to effectively clear a static screen while using patented FlexLink™ technology. The perforated plate operates without submerged bearings, bushings or sprockets – ensuring reliable screening with little maintenance in even the harshest environments. It performs against the most stubborn debris the plant can offer: hair, grease, plastics, paper, and small particulate matter, to name a few. Through more than 3 million cycles, Hydropression™ has proven to be a simple solution against industry-wide issues such as blinding, stapling, clogging, extruding, and leaking. Duperon®,

Modular mechanical seals

APS Innerlynx® modular mechanical seals are designed to be installed by one worker with no special training. The seals are non-conductive and isolating. Constructed from synthetic rubber with heavy-duty, plastic pressure plates, they form a mechanical seal between pipes going through walls, floors and pipeline casings. Sixteen different sizes are available for most pipe sizes with diameters ranging from ½” to 120”. Advance Products & Systems,

Chemical piping

Asahi/America has introduced Chem Proline®, a new crack resistant polyethylene piping system designed for
the harshest liquid chemical applications. Made from the latest generation of PE resin (PE100-RC), the pipe and fittings possess the greatest resistance to “slow crack growth.” They are a lower cost alternative to metal, fiberglass reinforced plastic pipe and lined steel pipe. The line offers a complete system that includes pipe, fittings, valves, leak detection, injection quills and chemical feed skids. Asahi/America Inc., www.asahi-america.comColorimetric online analyzer

The new CA-6 Colorimetric Online Analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices performs colorimetric or Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) based laboratory analyses accurately and reliably. Its online sequential sampling analyzer weighs less than 40 lbs. and can be wall mounted or set on a bench. Simply connect the sample, waste and reagent lines to the analyzer and provide power, and the CA-6 will begin its preprogrammed analysis sequence. The analyzer is available with up to four channels each from a separate sample point. Electro-Chemical Devices,

Gas shutoff system

The Halogen Valve Duplex Model II control system quickly closes up to two Eclipse™ actuators on toxic gas cylinder and ton container valves when activated by panic buttons or remote gas sensors. The system applies 30 foot-pounds of torque for test closures and 50 foot-pounds of torque for emergency closures of the cylinder valve. Halogen Valve Systems,

Valve actuators

Promation Engineering PA/O-PD/O Quarter-Turn Electric Spring Return Actuators feature a robust, industrial design for use with all ball and butterfly valves or dampers. They feature a hardened steel gear train for smooth operation, and are available with or without a patented, clutch-free manual handwheel for positioning of the actuator in any situation. They are also available in either clockwise (CW) or counter clockwise (CCW) failsafe positioning. Available in on/off or proportional control models, the actuator’s standard features include an integrated position indicator, two auxiliary switches (rated at 3A 250V Max), an internal low-power, anti-condensation heater, patented hydraulic damper to prevent point-of-closure shock to valve dampers, and a cast aluminum polymer coated housing that is rated NEMA 4X for safe exposure to high pressure hosing and corrosion resistance.Promation Engineering Inc.,

Cartridge filters

W. L. Gore & Associates is offering a new family of cartridge filters that improve water quality and reduce total cost of filtration for ultrapure water (UPW) and de-ionized (DI) water used in the manufacture of semiconductors and silicon wafers. Gore has used its expertise in ePTFE materials and membrane technology to engineer a family of filters that offer 3x the flow rate of best-in-class filters without sacrificing particle retention, and that can be easily substituted for filters in the field that no longer meet performance or cost requirements. W.L. Gore & Associates,

Membrane bioreactor

Koch Membrane Systems has released the new Puron PSH1800 MBR filtration modules. The new modules offer improved solids management and reduced energy and life-cycle costs with a 10 percent lower aeration requirement and a 10 percent greater surface area than competitive products. They also provide a 25 percent capacity increase from previous Puron generations. The new module has a central aeration and a single header design to offer 1800m2 in a 1.75m x 2.42m footprint, resulting in one of highest packing density, smallest footprint MBR modules available in the marketplace. Koch Membrane Systems,

Inspection camera

The Ridgid SeeSnake nanoReel N85S inspection camera system is used for ultra-small diameter lines ranging from ¾” to 2”, and has the ability to make tight turns for specialized applications. The lightweight, compact drain inspection camera system allows users to push cable distances up to 85 feet. At 9½ pounds, the portable camera system can be transported to and from jobsites, making it ideal for inspecting boiler tubes, supply lines and sprinkler systems, in addition to a wide array of specialty applications. For additional flexibility an internal drum cartridge can be removed from the housing assembly and can be exchanged with optional interchangeable drums to allow the camera system to fit specific applications. Ridgid®,


Nitto Denko/Hydranautics has introduced new microfiltration elements based on HYDRAcap® MAX technology to treat highly challenging waters. The technology provides very high membrane surface area, resulting in a smaller footprint. The crystalline PVDF membrane fiber is strong and durable, resulting in minimal fiber breakage, greatly reducing operating costs while maintaining optimal filtration performance. The membranes can operate at high fluxes without the need for backwash and with minimal cleaning, resulting in very high water recovery.Hydranautics, www.

Modular treatment plant

Orenco’s® new AdvanTex® AX-Max™ is a modular, fully-plumbed treatment plant capable of handling flows from 5000 gpd to 1 mgd, an ideal size for existing communities or new developments on the urban fringe. The packed bed filter technology uses textile media and can be used for commercial or mobile applications. The plant is built inside an insulated fiberglass tank that is durable, lightweight, and watertight. It can be installed above- or below-ground, singly or in multi-tank arrays. This modular design allows users to add capacity on demand, and can be preceded by any collection technology. Orenco,

Turbomachinery control

Three new turbomachinery control (TMC) packages from Rockwell Automation incorporate standard, commercial, off-the-shelf control and visualization technology for fast installation and troubleshooting at a lower total cost of ownership. Solutions for one- and two-valve steam turbines, and single-stage compressors are all preconfigured with TMC control algorithms and offer extensive communication and diagnostic capabilities for improved uptime. With better alarm-management capabilities, operators can identify specific hardware and sequencing failures to solve downtime challenges more quickly than traditional solutions. Rockwell Automation,

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