Products & Services: Lab/Sampling Equipment

Aug. 12, 2016
Collection of lab and sampling related products and services.
Information management

Laboratories seeking a single, integrated informatics platform can now standardize on one comprehensive laboratory information management system. Thermo Fisher’s integrated informatics solution comprises method execution, data visualization and laboratory management, and integrates with all popular enterprise-level software packages. A scientific data management, lab execution and SampleManager can be connected to customers’ existing informatics infrastructures, regardless of their instrument vendor.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Benchtop meters

Hanna Instruments’ HI5000 series of advanced research-grade benchtop meters offers a large color LCD display, capacitive touch keys and a USB port for computer connectivity. With a low-profile design and an ideal viewing angle, the meters work well for any size lab. The user interface allows users to display various measurement modes, real-time graphing and GLP data. Additional features include custom calibration options and buffers, three types of datalogging, programmable alarm limits, and a dedicated contextual help key.

Hanna Instruments

Chromatography data system

Agilent Technologies’ OpenLAB CDS combines chromatography and mass spectrometry into one single data system along with limited control of other vendors’ instruments; eliminating the need for expertise with multiple software products. New tools in the software provide time-saving steps in the analysis, interpretation, and reporting workflows, so customers can identify key information and solve problems faster. Advanced reporting capabilities make generating even complex reports faster and easier while built-in technical controls ensure the security of your data, control access, and facilitate compliance.

Agilent Technologies

Portable meter

Mettler Toledo’s Seven2Go portable meter provides users with quick data, single-handed operation, durability, and reliable pH measurement for laboratory, at-line and outdoor environments. With Seven2Go’s new intuitive menu, users no longer need to worry about pH measurements being complicated and time-consuming. Features include: InLab ISM® (Intelligent Sensor Management), which automatically recognizes the sensor and stores the sensor ID, serial number and most recent calibration data; and T-Pad, which improves the speed with which users move through menus.


COD analyzer

JM Science’s Quick COD Analyzer Model HC-607 provides fast, accurate analysis and is easy to use with coulometric titration. Main functions include: automatic checks for KMnO4, sensitive and accurate end-point detection; range settings that are user defined; automatic calculation of sample statistics; data storage for 99 sample determinations; automatic method conversion; uploading of data to a laptop or PC; automatic blank value compensation; and screen display of error messages.

JM Science

Laboratory gravity oven

The NCL LabStrong Gravity Oven from LabStrong Corporation offers significant improvements in performance over existing technology. The oven, sold exclusively through NCL, offers quality temperature uniformity performance at an exceptional price point. Gentle drying and heating with low turbulence protects delicate samples where a fan airflow would disturb them. Additionally, an advanced 4.3” display with touch-screen graphical control also provides intuitive operation with precise temperature control.

LabStrong Corporation

Automated chemistry analyzer

Ideal for running samples to perform ongoing daily monitoring for water quality and/or regulatory compliance in wastewater facility or environmental lab settings, the new FS 3700 from OI Analytical, a Xylem brand, can improve productivity in measuring cyanide, nitrate/nitrite, phosphate, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN), ammonia, and many other parameters.

OI Analytical, a Xylem brand