Nov. 1, 2006
AquaSensors and Beckhoff Automation present a water analysis and control system based on AquaSensors DataStick sensors networked via DeviceNet to the Beckhoff CX1000 DIN Rail mounted industrial PC.

Digital plant controller

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AquaSensors and Beckhoff Automation present a water analysis and control system based on AquaSensors DataStick sensors networked via DeviceNet to the Beckhoff CX1000 DIN Rail mounted industrial PC. The CX1000 is a complete Pentium PC and programmable controller supporting the IEC 61131-3 programming standard. The configuration also hosts a complete InduSoft HMI software package and drives a 15” TFT color touchscreen. DataStick enables PLCs, industrial and commercial PCs to perform in a range of applications that in the past could only be done with expensive Distributed Control Systems (DCS) or process instruments. AquaSensors LLC, Brookfield, WI, 262-255-4459,

Chemical injection pump

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The new 520RE high-pressure peristaltic pump from Watson-Marlow Bredel offers flows of 55 GPH at 30 psi to 7 GPH at 100 psi. Reliable, accurate and easy to use, the pump covers a wide range of applications including chemical metering, chemical injection and transfer of acids, bases and slurries found in water and waste treatment facilities. The pumps and patented LoadSure elements guarantee correct loading every time, as well as easy one-minute maintenance with no snaking, twisting or pinching. Watson-Marlow Bredel, Wilmington, MA, 800-282-8823,

Pipe stoppers, tappers

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ADS LLC, formerly ADS Corp., introduces Hydra-Stop® products and contract services for line stopping, valve insertion and line tapping (pipe tapping). Recently acquired by ADS, Hydra-Stop is the world’s only manufacturer of a modular set of pipe maintenance equipment designed to stop boil orders, stop system shutdown, stop costly ‘pump around’ fees, and stop revenue loss. It’s used for inserting, changing or repairing valves or hydrants, tying in new lines or services, changing large meters or backflow preventers, abandoning wells or storage. ADS LLC, Huntsville, AL, 800-538-7867,

FGD mixing solutions

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Chemineer offers various products designed to enhance the flue gas desulfurization (FGD) process flow and mixing. With thousands of agitators in service for decades, top-entry and side-entry agitators, as well as static mixers and various other products designed to handle FGD applications are available in stainless steel, high alloys or rubber covered carbon steel. Chemineer’s experience in evaluating FGD applications and supplying equipment specifically engineered for harsh FGD service ensures efficient plant operation and long, reliable performance with minimal maintenance. Chemineer Inc., Dayton, OH, 800-643-0641,

Grooved fittings

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Anvil International recently introduced its new and complete line of Gruvlok® SS formed weldless Type 304 fittings. Featuring full flow design with ends grooved to Gruvlok specifications, the product line offers quick and easy installation with the Gruvlok 7400SS Coupling, as well as other Gruvlok products. “A” Series Stainless Fittings are offered in sizes ranging from 1-¼” to 12”. The elbows and tees have compact, center-to-end dimensions. Anvil International, Portsmouth, NH, 603-422-8000,

Sample dryers

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Rapid oxidation of gas samples for TOC measurement can produce condensation which interferes with accurate readings. Perma Pure’s MDTM-Series and MDHTM-Series Dryers remove excess water vapor to keep TOC analyzers in laboratory, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, water, and industrial applications free from damage and inaccurate results. Using patented Nafion® membrane technology, these dryers selectively remove only water vapor from gas samples, leaving the CO2 concentration intact for TOC measurement. With this one step drying solution there is no need for a drip leg, peltier cooler, or desiccant canister. Perma Pure LLC, A Halma Company, Toms River, NJ, 800-337-3762,

Raking machine

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More than 50 U.S. sites have been outfitted with the Brackett Bosker® Raking Machine since its introduction into the United States in 1993. A unique trash raking machine, it rakes on the descent vs. the older styles of raking while ascending. With more than 500 sites world wide, the raking machine has aided in the way debris is removed from coarse screened intakes. Bracket Green USA Inc., Houston, TX, 281-480-7955,

Cooling towers

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Cooling Tower DepotTM is a full service cooling tower company, offering new cooling towers, repair and inspection services, emergency response services, and the industry’s only online store for cooling tower parts. The company engineers and constructs field-erected industrial cooling towers around the world. Its cooling tower offerings include large industrial cooling towers in both counterflow and crossflow configurations, double wall CFU cooling towers, and packaged cooling towers with flow rates between 520 and 4,650 gpm. Cooling Tower Depot Inc., Golden, CO, 877-243-3945,

Industrial pumps

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Roper Pump Co. is an ISO9001/2000 manufacturer producing high quality positive displacement pumps since 1857. Catering to some of the largest companies in the world, it has made an impact with its ability to custom manufacture. With an ever-expanding product line, its helical gear pumps, progressing cavity pumps and custom designed positive displacement pumps fit into most industrial applications. Roper Pump Company, Commerce, GA, 706-335-5551,

Cooling water

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C.T.T.I., a unit of Crowne Enterprises, was formed in 1987 and has demonstrated its experience in a wide range of projects from repairs to large concrete and wooden towers to designing and constructing new cooling towers specific to customer needs. It specializes in maintenance and repair of existing towers, new tower construction, tower inspection, tower replacements, thermal upgrading, parts, and emergencies. Cooling Tower Technologies Inc., White Castle, LA, 800-882-1361,

Vacuum pumps

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The VG4SS4-L Series pump from Vooner Vacuum Pumps Inc. has been used for chemical industry corrosive liquid filtration, sugar industry filters and evaporators, CO2 gas compressors (VG4SS4-LC), and municipal anaerobic digester gas recirculation compressors (VG4SS4-LC). Vooner is a manufacturer and provider of high quality conical ported, liquid ring vacuum pumps, replacement parts and services. Customers in a wide variety of industries rely on its products to keep their operations running efficiently while minimizing expensive down time and protecting their bottom line. Vooner FloGard, Charlotte, NC, 800-345-7879,

Ball valves

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New fire-safe TRIAC F91 stainless steel flanged ball valves use a regular-port design to minimize cost and reduce operating torque, while offering rugged construction with a solid unibody and patented pyramidal stem packing. Ideal for applications from the oil field to food processing plants, the ANSI-class 150 valves are fire-safe, comply with the NACE MRO175 standard for corrosion resistance, and are certified to API 607-4th edition. The live-loaded pyramidal stem packing system features a patented 45° primary seal with Belleville washers and chevron packing, protecting against wear and stem leaks common with ordinary ball valves. A-T Controls, Cincinnati, OH, 513-530-5175,

Backwashing tubular filters

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Since 1948, when it introduced the first tubular filters to the papermaking industry, Ronningen-Petter has continued to innovate with backwashing/ tubular systems to reduce waste, improve process efficiency, and increase product quality. Filtration media - either stainless steel or a fabric screen supported by a stainless steel backing - selected for its retention and flow properties is located within the filter housing. RPA Process Technologies, Portage, MI, 800-656-3344,

Liquid separators

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Plant intake water, process water or fluid recirculation, stormwater or site run-off applications, LAKOS separators and filtration systems remove unwanted solids to keep these and many other fluid systems free of troublesome particle matter. A ‘Chart of Materials and Solids’ that details capabilities can be found at: LAKOS Separators & Filtration Systems, Fresno, CA, 800-344-7205,


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Control Microsystems has released the SCADAPackTM Upgrade Kit, a high performance hardware and software package that provides an immediate upgrade path for 16-bit SCADAPack RTU/PLCs to 32-bit performance. The kit features a 32-bit RISC processor, expanded 8 MB memory, and additional communication ports. Optional source level debugging software for C/C++ applications is also available. The total package installs in minutes in the field or factory, boosts performance by up to 100 times, and adds I/O capacity for thousands of analog and digital I/O. Control Microsystems, Ottawa, Candaa, 888-267-2232,


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The Wallace & Tiernan multi-functional controller (MFC)/analyzer pairs a broad combination of drinking water analysis with disinfection and chemical control. Single or multiple wetsides can continuously measure as many as four water quality parameters such as free and total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, fluoride, conductivity, redox, pH and temperature. This flexibility provides for numerous combinations of continuous measurement technologies for the same or different samples from the entire treatment process. The Depolox 5 configuration is ideal for applications that require quick response time or contain high and potentially fouling hardness - with an integral, bare-electrode measuring cell for free chlorine. Wallace & Tiernan, Vineland, NJ, 856-507-9000,

Videographic recorder

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ABB’s SM500F is the first field-mountable videographic recorder, a four-channel unit that takes recording and monitoring out of the control room. It can be installed into a panel, wall or pipe. Its fully sealed NEMA 4X and IP66 enclosure provides protection against water, dirt and dust, making it perfect for hose-down and dirty applications in the field and at the process. Display formats include chart, bargraph and digital indicator views. On-screen historical logs provide operators easy access to alarm, totalizer and audit trail data in a Microsoft Windows environment. Process data and historical logs are securely archived to a removable common SD Camera Card with a capacity of up to 2 Gb. Support is accessible via online help features. ABB Instrumentation, Warminster, PA, 215-674-6580,

Ultrasonic sensors

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Automation Products Group’s IRU 2000/3000 ultrasonic sensors are easy-to-install, offer a detection range of 1-35 feet and provide a non-contact method of presence/absence detection, proximity detection, or level control in a variety of applications. This product family features a virtually maintenance-free design with internal temperature compensation, programmable response time and programmable filtering for reliable operation in harsh application environments.
Automation Products Group Inc., Logan UT, 888-525-7300,

UV disinfection

UV disinfection specialist Aquionics’ InLine+, which is specially optimized to treat wastewater, is the first medium pressure UV system in the world to be approved in accordance with the NWRI standard for the re-use of effluent. Aquionics Inc., Erlanger, KY, 859-341-0710,

Screening systems

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Screening Systems International is a full service, traveling water screen company. Services include design, engineering and manufacturing of new traveling water screens and total intake systems, but it also excels in rebuilding existing traveling water screens. Screening Systems International Inc., Slaughter, LA, 225-694-3900,

Diesel generators

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A new 250 kW diesel generator set from Cummins Power Generation is certified to meet EPA Nonroad Tier 3 emissions regulations, making it suitable for all nonroad and many stationary applications in the U.S. Nonroad applications include rental generator sets or temporary installations of less than one year. Generators with the Tier 3 option produce very low emissions of nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and particulate matter without the need for aftertreatment strategies. Cummins Power Generation, Minneapolis, MN, 763-574-5942,

Flow meter

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With self-cleaning purge ports, the Model GF90 flow meter from Fluid Components International maintains flow measurement performance while reducing maintenance costs in applications where dirt, grit and grime are present in the fluid or gas. In many plants, technician access to flow meters for inspection or maintenance can be problematic. By connecting the GF90’s purge ports to compressed air, inert gas or solvent purge lines, process contaminants can be removed regularly and without un-installing the flow sensor element from the pipe. The meter uses a thermal mass gas flow sensing element designed with 316SS and nickel-braze construction. Fluid Components International, San Marcos, CA, 800-854-1993,

Tank covers

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Geodome offers clear span aluminum geodesic domes, providing exceptional premium roofing systems for water and wastewater applications. Its clear span tank cover systems are suitable for all forms of cylindrical tanks (both new and retrofit). The company utilizes the latest engineering technology with ALGOR finite analysis, and manufactures the tank covers from highly corrosive resistant materials to provide roofing systems with no support columns needed. All tank covers are manufactured in ISO Certified facilities and installed by trained erectors. Geometric designs allow for fast and efficient construction for any new or retrofit tank from 11 feet in diameter. Geodome, Birmingham, AL, 205-980-3454,

Flow sensor

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GF Piping Systems has added the Signet 2537 Paddlewheel Flow Sensor Series to its line of flow monitoring and process control instrumentation. These blind flow sensors combine Signet’s paddlewheel sensing technology with a variety of output options in a single unit that reduces overall system costs by eliminating the need for unnecessary components. Output options include 4-20 mA, pulse divided, Signet S3L data link and several other output configurations for control versatility. George Fischer Inc., Tustin, CA, 800-854-4090,

Meters, probes

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Hach has introduced the HQd series of portable electrochemical meters and IntelliCALTM probes with “plug and play” digital technology. A single instrument can take up to two simultaneous measurements of pH, conductivity, LDO®, and ORP. It’s the first instrument for field and laboratory use that does not require the user to predetermine parameters. Plus, users can buy any probes they need now, and add more later. Hach Co., Loveland, CO, 800-227-4224,


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For more than 80 years, LIGHTNIN - a unit of SPX Process Equipment - has been successfully applying Top- and Side-Entry Agitators to Flue Gas Desulfurization processes - providing extended operation without shutdown and optimized energy consumption. The latest VSF product line incorporates the most efficient impeller (A312) for fluid motion and gas dispersion; and the latest sealing technology (no seal water). SPX Process Equipment, Rochester, NY, 585-527-1658,

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