Product Focus: Electromagnetic flowmeters that combine IO-link with a remote version model

Feb. 11, 2021

KOBOLD's MIM electromagnetic flowmeters are suitable for a wide variety of applications, particularly for batching. Configurable optical buttons can be used to display parameters such as flow rates or temperatures. A changing color system in the display also provides warning for limit violations. Because the MIM is the first to be produced in a remote version, the flow meter can also be used for media temperatures from -40°F up to 284°F.

Magnetic-inductive flow meters work without moving parts, unlike rotating vane flow meters, and for this reason they hardly show any signs of wear and tear. As a result, these devices have proven to be effective in measuring the flow of conductive media such as water, pulps and pastes, juices or emulsions.

In developing the MIM, KOBOLD incorporated an IO-Link to meet Industry 4.0 requirements. These devices are suitable for almost any measuring situation and guarantee high programming freedom in addition to good response times of sometimes less than 100 milliseconds.

The MIM is completely made of stainless steel. In addition to the temperature measurement function, the MIM can be used for very small nominal pipe sizes and covers an even larger measuring range, depending on the nominal size.

The response time has now been improved to facilitate more precise batching. In addition, different subsets can be programmed via the menu in order to avoid having to navigate with each new setting. The display has also been extended to hot keys. With this feature, the desired dose can be conveniently selected by optical buttons on the home screen. The batching process can be started and stopped via an external control input and the quantity can also be changed at any time.

KOBOLD Messring GmbH develops permanently installed sensors as well as professional hand-held devices for recording and monitoring physical variables.  

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