SUEZ opens Texas R&D lab; Aquarion creates sales division; Val-Matic offers pump video

Nov. 8, 2018

Industry news: SUEZ opened R&D analytical testing lab in Texas; Aquarion Group creates new sales division for product and equipment; Val-Matic Control Systems offers pump control system video.

SUEZ opens research and development lab in Texas

SUEZ opened a research and development (R&D) analytical lab to better serve its refining and petrochemical client base as well as oil and gas operations along the Gulf Coast. The facility in Tomball, Texas, will support SUEZ’s global research efforts. The lab has 80 employees who will process 100,000 samples and conduct more than 300 customer studies. It will support R&D for the oil and gas industry and will provide laboratory services — including water analytical testing, scale and corrosion deposits testing, metallurgical analysis, corrosion coupon testing and fuel oil analyses. The lab will also offer customized experimental simulations that mimic field environments. The team will tailor solutions for customer-specific projects by harnessing data streams from sensors and other monitoring devices.

The facility is designed with a focus on safety and environmental design concepts to deliver training facilities for engineers and scientists supporting chemical and monitoring technologies. SUEZ has invested in four other global technology sites in Shanghai, Bangalore, Singapore, and Rio de Janeiro.

Aquarion Group creates new sales division for equipment to OEMs and end users

Aquarion Group, a provider of water treatment solutions for oil and gas, energy and other process industries, established a products and equipment division. The new branch, called Aquarion Products, will be run as a standalone entity and will market its products directly to OEMs and end users. The division is headquartered in Vienna and houses Circular Disc (CD) modules, low footprint TOVEKO Sand Filter, FLOCOPAC flocculation and precipitation reactor, BIOFIT Watercell MBR and SecureChem 24/7 chemical dosing system from Intermediate Bulk Containers. According to Aquarion Group CEO Karl Michael Millauer, the company will continue to add to its products offering through strategic acquisitions as a result of recent funding by Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF).

Val-Matic Control Systems offers pump system video

Val-Matic released a video on its website and YouTube demonstrating its Pump Control System, which offers system surge protection and energy savings. The system is put to the test in Val-Matic’s laboratory where a 40-hp centrifugal pump was connected to a 6-inch cylinder actuated ball valve. Pump controls are integrated with the ball valve to control the flow of fluid.

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