Water Connections: Secure Exchange of Flow Data

Sept. 5, 2019
Communications interface for WATERFLUX flow instrument

Communications interface for WATERFLUX flow instrument

KROHNE Inc. has announced a new communications interface for the WATERFLUX 3070C/F flow instrument. The optional add‐on feature allows a KROHNE WATERFLUX instrument to easily integrate into an AMR/AMI network for secure exchange of flow data based on the industry standard absolute encoder (UI‐1203) interface.

The UI‐1203 network interface module is installed within the converter electronics for compliance with a wide variety of vendor requirements. This means the WATERFLUX can be connected to most data collection network meter interface units based on this standardized output format.

The WATERFLUX converter is also suitable for alternative communication options, including wide area communications based on available Modbus and GPRS modes. The standard pulse output can also easily interface to SCADA/RTU systems.

Available in 1- to 24-inch diameters with a battery-powered compact or remote converter, the WATERFLUX flow sensor requires no upstream or downstream straight runs for optimal measurement performance. It can be used to replace mechanical meters, including compound meters, without the need for strainers or filters. With no moving parts, there is no drift over time.

The WATERFLUX 3000 flow sensor comes standard with a stainless-steel connection box, making it suitable for long‐­duration immersion in flooded metering pits, or during periods of heavy rainfall. Both the compact and remote versions of the IFC 070 signal converter are IP68 rated for installation in measurement chambers with periodic immersion in water to more than 30 feet. IWW

KROHNE is exhibiting at WEFTEC.19, booth 4415. Learn more at us.krohne.com.

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