Sleeman Breweries partners with sustainability app to further its green initiatives

April 25, 2022
Partnership augments efforts that include an anaerobic digestion process to treat wastewater from the brewery and water conservation endeavors.
Sleeman Breweries Sleeman Breweries Reports On Commitment To Env

Sleeman Breweries, Canada's third-largest brewery, kicked off Earth Month by partnering with Random Acts of Green. This Canadian app allows users to track their sustainability by performing and logging green acts to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and competing with one another virtually to see who can make the greatest impact.

"Limiting waste has been a pillar of Sleeman's business since the early 2000s. With each year, our commitment towards sustainability grows," said Linden Gossen, national environmental health & safety manager at Sleeman Breweries. "This year, the additional layer of adding an employee engagement piece that speaks to our people across the country has been a refreshing and exciting element to our environmental sustainability journey."

Sleeman Breweries is a 3R certified organization and the first brewery to receive this certification from the Recycling Council of Ontario and is the only food and beverage company to receive this award. ⁠In 2021, Sleeman was awarded a Canadian Grocery Impact Award for its sustainability efforts as a supplier.

Below are some examples of Sleeman's sustainability commitment at their facilities across Canada:

  • Wastewater Treatment: Sleeman's Guelph brewery uses an anaerobic digestion process to treat wastewater from the brewery before sending it to the City of Guelph's wastewater system. They are the only Guelph brewery that has an anaerobic wastewater treatment system. They treat 100% of the effluent waste streams from the beer manufacturing processes. 
  • Water Conservation: Sleeman's treats water respectfully and always works to ensure they are using it sparingly. Since 2015, new equipment investment and process improvements in all their breweries has resulted in water savings of over 440,000 liters (over 7,500 kegs worth!) every day.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG): In five years, between 2017 and 2021, Sleeman has reduced their GHG levels through various energy and natural gas conservation initiatives resulting in a total reduction of 2600 metric tons of GHG emissions in that period. This is equivalent to the GHG emissions that 568 cars would produce across five years.

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