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  • November/December 2020
  • November/December 2020

    Vladimir Timofeev | Dreamstime.com
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    Industrial Water Market Outlook 2021

    Dec. 18, 2020
    Opportunities shift amidst a global pandemic
    In wastewater treatment, pH levels must be controlled to ensure optimal conditions to achieve the required chemical or microbial reactions and ensure that the process runs efficiently.

    The Importance of pH Measurement

    Dec. 15, 2020
    Accurate measurement is vital to ensure regulatory compliance and end product quality
    All images courtesy of Saudi Aramco.
    Figure 1. Cooling tower and pilot set up at a Saudi Aramco facility.
    Water Reuse

    Use of treated sewage effluent as cooling tower makeup water – A pilot study

    Dec. 15, 2020
    Alternative supply can save significant amounts of water, energy, and operating costs
    Most power plants will have some type of heat exchanger set up to ensure a safe operation and prevent potentially dangerous temperature excursions.

    Cooling Water Efficiency

    Dec. 15, 2020
    Building and calibrating a robust cooling water setup for a smooth and efficient process
    Brian Wood/George Gradel Co.
    A George Gradel Co. worker uses the 701-A pneumatic ICS saw with PowerGrit pipe cutting chain.

    A Cut Above

    Dec. 15, 2020
    New pipe cutter reduces job times, increases worker safety for refinery contractor

    More content from November/December 2020

    Tsurumi America
    Tsurumi America launches new line of explosion-proof pumps, the AVANT Series-01.

    Product Focus: Explosion-proof Pumps for Wastewater Applications

    Dec. 15, 2020
    Tsurumi America's AVANT™ Series offers cost savings and a closed-circuit cooling system that prevents contamination of the system while cooling the motor.