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  • July/August 2021

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    Process Water

    Production of high-quality demineralized water for steam generation units

    Aug. 17, 2021
    Creating demineralized water is a thorough process, and understanding the basic demineralization process can prevent common unit disturbances.
    Photos by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash
    As water experts warn of a serious global water shortage coinciding with climate change, the need for sustainable water management, especially freshwater, within the mining industry has become more critical than ever.

    6 Ways to Improve Water Conservation in Mining Operations

    Aug. 13, 2021
    Embracing new technologies and strategies can help operations save a precious resource
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    Process Water

    Top water quality monitoring challenges in industrial applications

    Aug. 13, 2021
    When developing a water quality monitoring and testing strategy, industrial water operators often face challenges including large water networks not suited for conventional water...
    Moreno Soppelea via Adobe Stock
    In the papermaking process, water is a key component from start to finish. Whether assisting the chemical processes that break down the wood, enabling fibers to travel through papermaking equipment or serving as a flushing fluid to protect seals, a substantial amount is required to perform most essential functions.
    Process Water

    Seal of Approval

    Aug. 13, 2021
    How a Georgia paper mill realized $17,000 in operating savings
    Photo courtesy of FlowTech
    Flow-Tech water treatment systems are implemented through a non-invasive installation process, allowing the technology to operate on large systems with no shutdown or intervention required.
    Technology Guide

    Product Focus: Water Treatment with Pulsed Low-Frequency Signals

    Aug. 13, 2021
    Flow-Tech transmits a pulsed low-frequency signal into the system, which then propagates throughout the piping network, treating all the fluid.